10 Best Art Museums in Kazakhstan (With Images)

In this article, we are going to discuss the best art museums in Kazakhstan that are worth seeing. 

There is no doubt that Kazakhstan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There is an abundance of beautiful sites in Kazakhstan. No matter who you are and where are you from, you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of Kazakhstan. Not only the natural heritage but also the human heritage of Kazakhstan has surprised tourists across the world with its elegancy.

If we talk about the human heritage of Kazakhstan, there are plenty of places that are worth visiting. Few of them are amusement parks, monuments, museums, skyscrapers, etc. The art museums and historical centers of Kazakhstan are very popular travel destinations for tourists. 

Not only for history buffs, but these historical centers are also the enchanting place where the best art museums in Kazakhstan are an absolute necessity to visit for all explorers from varying backgrounds to find out about the rich culture of the local people.

Best Art Museums in Kazakhstan

1. The Central State Museum

The Central State Museum is one of the best art museums in Kazakhstan, which first opened its doors to the public in 1985, and is the largest museum in Central Asia. A combination of ethnography, history, and anthropology are all on display in the Central State Museum, making it unique among museums in the country. 

the central state museum
The Central State Museum

If you take your time and learn about each object, you can easily visit Kazakhstan’s Central State Museum in a single day if you plan accordingly. Artifacts from the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, which were originally located in Orenburg, were relocated to Almaty in the 1830s, where they are currently housed in one of the city’s most important architectural landmarks.

2. The National Museum Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

The National Museum Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan is the next art museum in Kazakhstan,  Opened in 2004 as part of the Cultural Heritage State Program, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is Central Asia’s newest museum. There are artifacts from the country’s past on display in the museum located on Independence Square. With a total surface area of 74,000 square meters, the museum has been divided into seven separate blocks, with some of the buildings reaching nine stories. 

the national museum of the republic of kazakhstan
The National Museum Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

It’s not only one big hall at Kazakhstan’s National Museum that houses the Hall of Astana and the Hall of Independent Kazakhstan, but there are a number of smaller exhibit halls as well. The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan has a contemporary design and is regarded as one of the best modern art museums in Kazakhstan.

3. The Folk Instrument Museum of Kazakhstan

If you’re traveling with children, the Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in the best art museum in Kazakhstan, and the perfect spot to visit. The museum, housed in a wooden structure constructed in 1908, is a musical instrument collector’s dream come true. 

the folk instrument museum of kazakhstan
The Folk Instrument Museum of Kazakhstan

Additionally, the museum hosts masterclasses that teach visitors how to play the many folk instruments that are on display. Visitors can also join in a theatrical play and a “Turan” ethnic folk band concert at the museum. If you are in Almaty region, must explore these beautiful sites in Almaty.

4. Kasteyey State Museum Of Arts

The Kasteyey Museum is also one of the best art galleries in Kazakhstan, which opened its doors in 1976 and is one of Kazakhstan’s largest art museums, located in Astana. Museum visitors can gain an understanding of artistic traditions from Asia, Europe, and Kazakhstan through the museum’s exhibits and exhibit halls. 

A key teaching and research center for the country’s most famous cultural endeavors, the museum also acts as a major teaching and research base for the museum.

5. Kazakhstan Military History Museum

The Kazakhstan Military History Museum is also a worth-seeing museum, and one of the country’s newest additions to the country’s collection of museums. Founded in 2016, the Military History Museum has around 7000 diverse and one-of-a-kind exhibits, many of which are a combination of displays from the Swedish Army Museum.

kazakhstan military history museum
Kazakhstan Military History Museum

Located directly under Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense, the military museum is incredibly interesting and is the first of its kind in the world to open its doors for business.

6. The Museum Of Saken Seifullin

The Museum of Saken Seifullin is a beautiful art museum which was built in 1846 to commemorate the accomplishments of the great Kazakh poet and writer Saken Seifullin, is named after him. Saken Seifullin was a pioneer in the development of Kazakh literature. 

the museum of saken seifullin
The Museum Of Saken Seifullin

Saken Seifullen’s personal possessions, as well as documents and photographs, are housed in the museum’s collection. The museum is divided into six sections, and it is well worth a visit if you have a passion for poetry and writing.

7. Kulanshi Art Centre

It is located in the main building of the Palace of Peace and Accord, and it is a modern art gallery dedicated to contemporary art. This gallery is one of Kazakhstan’s most intriguing museums and galleries since it displays the artistic works of the majority of the country’s artists, who come from countries such as Portugal, Germany, Turkey, and, of course, Kazakhstan. 

kulanshi art centre
Kulanshi Art Centre

Master seminars for students and aspiring artists are also held at the museum on a regular basis in the gallery itself. You should visit this gallery if you have a strong interest in modern art and would like to learn more about Kazakhstan’s applied arts.

8. Nazarbayev Center

The Nazarbayev Center is a mind-blowing art gallery which opened its doors in 2012, and was established to promote and research Kazakhstan’s scientific, humanitarian, analytical, and educational achievements. The center boasts of having an in-house ‘think tank’ that serves as a very essential location for doing research, as well as a library that contains over 6,00,000 books. 

nazarbayev center
Nazarbayev Center

Additionally, the Nazarbayev Center is home to a museum dedicated to Kazakhstan’s illustrious history, as well as the achievements and activities of the country’s founding president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, among other things.

9. Palace of Peace And Reconciliation

One of the best art museums in Kazakhstan dedicated in 2006, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation stands as a testament to the Kazakhstani people’s commitment to friendship, peace, and harmony. There is a 1500-seat opera theater here as well as a national center for ethnic and geographic groupings in Kazakhstan, making it more than just a living symbol of peace for the country.

palace of peace and harmony
Palace of Peace And Reconciliation

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation was built in less than a quarter of the time it took to build the Cheops Pyramid (Giza). The Palace’s four sides face the four directions of the world, implying that Kazakhstan is open to people of all nations and religions. Located in Kazakhstan, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is one of the best museums and theaters in the country.

10. Anatomical Museum

Whether you have training in medicine or not, the Anatomical Museum at Semey Medical University is a must visiting art museum in Kazakhstan and a fascinating stop for anyone with a curiosity about the human body. 

anatomical museum
Anatomical Museum

As you might think, the museum has a section dedicated to organs, as well as a section dedicated to embryos and kids with horrifying malformations. Not for the faint of heart is the Anatomical Museum.

If you are in Nur-Sultan, you should definitely explore these tourists attractions in Nur-Sultan.


What are the best art museums in Almaty?

Some of the best art museums in Almaty are-
a. Museum of Kazakh Musical Instruments
b. Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
c. Military History Museum of the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan
d. M.Auezov Literature Memorial House

What are the best art galleries in Nur-Sultan?

Some of the most popular art galleries in the Nur-Sultan region are as follows-
a. Astana National Art Gallery
b. Kazakhstan Military History Museum
c. Kazakhstan Military History Museum
d. Kulanshi
e. Has Sanat

What are the best art museums in Semey?

The most famous art museums in Semey are as follows-
a. Museum F.M. Dostoyevskogo
b Art Museum Nevzorovyh
c. National Museum of Abai
d. Anatomical Museum

Are there any museums in Almaty?

You will be surprised after knowing that Almaty has more than 30 museums. Yes, you have read right. Most of the museums are not very grand. They are basically dedicated to a famous person, incident, or any other niche interest.


So, these are the best art museums in Kazakhstan that you must visit. In each museum, you will have a new experience and also will get a chance to know more about the country. We highly recommend these places to visit at least once. And believe us, after visiting these places, you will definitely say thank you to us.