8 Best Fishing Destinations in Kazakhstan (With Images)

In this travel article, we will discuss the top 8 fishing destinations in Kazakhstan where you can enjoy fishing.

Fishing has been a very recreational activity since ancient times. People used to go fishing for a livelihood, for experience, and for fun. Today, the fish culture has become an industry where tons of fish are caught on a daily basis. But we are here to talk about fishing as a fun activity. So, we ignore other purposes for fishing but talk about fishing from a fun point of view.

It is a very askable question by tourists visiting Kazakhstan what are the best fishing spots in Kazakhstan. Are you one of them? If you are, this piece of content may be very useful for you. In this post, I have discussed the 8 best fishing destinations in Kazakhstan. These places are travel-worthy and you will get a lot of amazing experiences there.

Now, let’s explore those best tourists places in Kazakhstan for fishing.

Best Fishing Destinations in Kazakhstan

Balkhash Lake

Fishing in Lake Balkhash
Fishing in Balkhash Lake

Lake Balkhash is one of the largest lakes in Asia and the 15th largest lake in the world. It is located in the east of Central Asia in the southwestern part of Kazakhstan. The interesting thing about lake Balkhash is that it contains both fresh and saline water. Its western part is fresh water while the eastern part is saline. Now, you can guess how many breeds of fish are present in this reservoir.

Balkhash Lake has commercial importance for the fishing industry. Not only amateur fishermen, and tourists but also large industrial corporations have been fishing continuously for so long. If you are a person who wants to experience fishing on Kazakhstan’s land, you should have to be there. 

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Korgalzhyn Reserve

Fishing in Korgalzhyn Reserve
Fishing in Korgalzhyn Reserve

Moving to the next fishing destination in Kazakhstan, Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve is a place where you can also enjoy fishing. It is located in the Akmola Region (west of Nur-Sultan) of Kazakhstan. There are different breeds of fish including big perch, Crucian carp, tench and pike, and other water inhabitants present. So, you will get a chance to experience fishing there.

If you are a camera lover and love to share your lifestyle through social media, you should definitely visit there. You can not only experience fishing but also more than that at this place.

Lake Alakol

Lake Alakol is another best fishing spot in Kazakhstan which is located in the Almaty and Shyghyz provinces, east-central Kazakhstan. Lake Alakol is famous for its beauty across the globe. The mountains have covered the lake from every side. So, you will not only experience fishing but also witness the beauty of nature there.

Like other reservoirs, Lake Alakol is also a habitat for many water inhabitants. If we talk about fish, then there are colorful, colorless, and even almost every kind of fish present in this water body. Pike Perch is one of the popular fish in Lake Alakol. Along with the fishermen, tourists can also be seen there fishing at any time.

Taiga River

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t reach the above fishing spots in Kazakhstan. There are also a few destinations that are excellent for fishing. Taiga is amongst them. It is basically a wide region that is spread in the areas of northern Kazakhstan as well as neighboring countries. 

The Chernaya Uba River and the Belaya Uba River in the Taiga region are fish-rich rivers where different breeds of fish are inhabited. Here, fishing is done at a low scale. The reason is that it is difficult to reach there. If you get there, you will experience an adventurous trip and surely be unbelievably happy just having caught a few fish.

Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is known as the largest lake in the world lying in between Europe and Asia. It contains a volume of 78,200 km3 of water. More than a thousand types of aquatic animals live in this huge water body. Beluga fish is a very popular fish in Kazakhstan. It is found in the Caspian Sea, the weight reaches 300 kg.

Fishing is the occupation of most of the people around this region. Some people go fishing for fun, some for a livelihood, and some just to gain experience. There are many fishing bases on the shores of this lake which help the tourists who want to go fishing. If you are here, don’t forget to take your camera and click photos.

Fishing in “Delta”

The Ili River forms a large delta on the southeastern edge of Lake Balkhash which is also an excellent place for fishing in Kazakhstan. There are 427 species of plants and 345 species of animals present in that region. This is one of the best spots for fishing different types of fish like carp, catfish, carp, pike-perch, ASP, and snakehead.

The water is very clean there providing visibility of 3-15 meters and 1-6 meters deep which is perfect for fishing. This makes fishing very easy and entertaining. Even with a little effort, you will be able to catch fish. You can get there from Astana or Almaty by renting a taxi.

Fishing base “Jumper”

Fishing base “Jumper” is located in the heart of the river Delta silt, among the canals and lakes Akosinskiy system, 350 km from Almaty. You can catch different types of fish. This fishing base is primarily popular for fishing Carp, Roach, Asp, Snakehead, Carp, Wels catfish, and Sudak.

The remoteness of the base from the easily accessible fishing spots allows you to enjoy high-quality fishing. On your way to fishing, don’t forget to take your camera in your backpack because you are going to capture very interesting photos. This is 350 km far from Almaty, so you have to rent a taxi to get there.

Fishing Base “Mayak”

This is the last fishing destination on our list which is also a good place for fishing. There will be Carp, Asp, Snakehead, Marinka, Wels catfish, and Sudak fish primarily. Like other fishing spots, you too will have an amazing experience there.

Since its base is managed by local businesses, you have to pay for fishing. But, they will provide all the facilities that you will need in this process. They will manage everything from your food to your residence. You just need to pay according to their charge. You can experience fishing in the water and in the ice according to the season there.

FAQs on Fishing in Kazakhstan

Is fishing banned in Kazakhstan?

Of course not, even fishing in Kazakhstan is done on a commercial scale. But, there are a few categories of fish that are completely banned. Sturgeon fishes are one of them.

What kind of fish are in Lake Balkhash?

There are mainly six types of fish inhabited in the lake which are sazan, sturgeon, eastern bream, pike, and Aral barbel.

Where is the best location to fish in Kazakhstan?

Balkhash Lake, Korgalzhyn Reserve, Lake Alakol, and Lake Alakol are the best location for fishing in Kazakhstan.

What are the major lakes in Kazakhstan?

Caspian Sea (371,000 square kilometers), Alakol (2,650 square kilometers), Aral (17,160 square kilometers), Balkhash (16,996 square kilometers), Aike (64.7 square kilometers) are the major lakes in Kazakhstan.

Which country is famous for fish?

China is the largest fish producer with a total global fish production of 178.8 million tons per year, one-third of the world’s fish production.

Which country is called the land of fishermen?

Norway is known as the “land of fishermen”.

Conclusion – Fishing in Kazakhstan

I believe you have got what we discussed. Now, you know the 8 best fishing destinations in Kazakhstan, aren’t you? If you aren’t, just throw your eyes on this content again and get what is described.

After getting there, you will not only have experience of fishing but also more than that. Your whole trip will be full of adventure. You will get the opportunity to spend quality time in nature through it. In a nutshell, the overall experience you will get there will be priceless.

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