11 Best Places to Visit in Almaty, Kazakhstan 2023

Are you planning to visit Almaty? In this article, we’ve mentioned the 11 best places to visit in Almaty, Kazakhstan that you should definitely visit to make the most of your trip.

Almaty Overview

LocationFoothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, Kazakhstan
Area682 km²
Population1,958,000 (2022)
Elevation500 m
LanguageKazakh & Russian (Main)
Main ReligionIslam
Famous ForAdvanced Technology, Ancient Monuments, National Parks, Skyscrapers etc.
Tourist AttractionsFirst Presidents Park, Big Almaty Lake, Almaty Zoo, Charyn Canyon, etc.

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, was once the capital of the country. In 1997, the Kazakhstan government chose Nur Sultan as the new capital due to some political, geographic, and economic reasons. During World War, this city had a very important contribution as many great leaders from this place actively fought in world wars.

We think we should not go over its history rather we should discuss its tourism, right? If we talk about tourism, Almaty is very rich in it. There are many amazing things to do in Almaty that attract people from all over the world. As we mentioned that there are so many things to do in Almaty, you might be confused as to what you should do.

Don’t worry, we have brought you the 11 best places to visit in Almaty so that on your trip to Almaty you can enjoy it to the fullest without having problems. Now, the time is to discuss those places. Are you ready?

Let’s start.

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Best Places to Visit in Almaty

1. First Presidents Park

“First Presidents Park” is the first tourist attraction on our list. It is located in Almaty at the intersection of Navoi Street and Al-Farabi Avenue in the Bostandyq District in the south of the city. As the name suggests, the park is named after the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

First Presidents Park

The foundation of the park was laid only in 2001 but due to some political issues, it was completely closed. In July 2010, it was reopened to the public with a new design. From then till today, it has been enhancing the beauty of Almaty.

Park has an interesting sight that attracts people spontaneously. Various trees and plants, bloomed flowers, flowing fountains, artificial mountains, and lakes are the main attractions of this park. Park also has a beautiful statue of President Nursultan Nazarbayev which has been placed in his honor.

Location – Bostandyk District, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

2. Big Almaty Lake

When we talk about the best places to visit in Almaty, we can’t forget Big Almaty Lake. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Almaty. The lake is located 15 km south of the center of Almaty in the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains region in Kazakhstan. It is at an altitude of 8,000 feet above sea level. The lake is around 1.5 km in length and 1km in width with a depth of 40 meters in the middle.

Big Almaty Lake

The bluish-green water of the lake is so mesmerizing that you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with it. There are so many photography spots beside the lake from where you can capture the best and most beautiful moments. Inside the lake, you can witness various aquatic creatures. There are very beautiful and various kinds of fish, turquoise, etc that you can easily spot at the lake.

Note: The surprising thing is that you cannot take a bath in this lake as this lake is the main source of drinking water for Almaty.

Location – Ili-Alatau National Park, Almaty

Timing – NA

3. Almaty Zoo

If you are on an Almaty trip, Almaty Zoo is the next travel destination where you should definitely visit. It is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is located in the eastern part of Almaty city covering approximately an area of 21 hectares. This zoo is the habitat of 350 species and 6000 different animals.

Almaty Zoo

You can easily spot the unique and diverse wildlife of Kazakhstan in this region. There are rare species of birds and animals protected by the Kazakh government living in the region. So, if you are lucky enough, you might have the experience of seeing those creatures. The most visited animals in Almaty Zoo are Himalayan bears, tigers, jaguars, Persian and Far Eastern pumas, elephants, zebras, yaks, deer, markhor, American condors, vultures, horned crows, snakes, crocodiles, etc.

Location – Ormanov St 66, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Timing – 10 AM – 6 PM

4. Charyn Canyon

Do you love the canyon or does the canyon excite you? If it does, you should definitely visit Charyn Canyon. It is one of the best places to visit in Almaty. Charyn Canyon is located on the Sharyn River at a distance of 200 km east of Almaty in Kazakhstan.

charyan canyon
Charyn Canyon

It is a perfect example of Kazakhstan’s natural heritage which has hidden many secrets in itself. Red rocks, ravaged landscapes, barren land, etc. are interesting and sometimes frightening. This area is a paradise for photographers. There are a lot of places in this area that attract photographers from all over the world. You can enjoy mountaineering, and trekking like many adventurous activities there very easily. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and start to explore the Charyn Canyon.

Location – Tamerlik, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

5. Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex

If you are an adventurous person, Sunkar Ski Jumping Complex is waiting for you. It’s located in Gorniy Gigant District in the southern part of Almaty city at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. It is quite a grand complex as there is a total of 5,500 people can enjoy it at a time. The complex hosts world-class competitions from time to time, as a result, a large number of tourists come to enjoy it here.

Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex

The complex has a media press center, a hotel, snowmaking and irrigation systems, a chairlift and underground car park, a track and finish area for Nordic Combined, and a helipad. These facilities make it more advanced and a center of tourist attraction. In winter, when there is snowfall, the entire area is covered with white snow and thus enhancing the beauty of this place.

Location – Al-Farabi Avenue 128, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Timing – 9 AM – 6 PM

6. Astana Square Almaty

Astana Square is an open public place that is used for public gatherings, public events, concerts, ceremonies, etc. It is the second-largest public gathering spot in entire Kazakhstan making it more significant. This place has historical importance as many leaders and officials delivered many energetic speeches from time to time. During the First and Second World Wars, this place was a major center for planning, strategizing, and addressing the common man.

Astana Square Almaty

Today this place is a reminder of its history. The government has done a remarkable job by getting it reconstructs. There is a number of fountains and statues making it more beautiful. You can easily spot many local and foreign tourists roaming there. To promote tourism, government officials spend a lot to make this place tourism-friendly. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Almaty.

Location – Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

7. Shymbulak

If you want to enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, etc, you should definitely visit Shymbulak. The notable thing about it is that it is not only the largest ski resort in entire Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia. It is located at a distance of 25 km the south of Almaty city and at an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level.


Shymbulak was not discovered until the early 20th century. It was discovered by amateur skiers in the 1940s. From the middle of the 20th century, the government started paying attention to it and decided to make it a tourist spot. There are many sports activities organized in Shymbulak every year, especially in winter. You can also have an experience of skiing by paying some price. There is also a hotel located at the Resort. You enjoy the night of Shymbulak by staying there.

Location – Almaty 050020, Kazakhstan

Timing – 9 AM – 8 PM

8. Kazakh National University of the Arts

The Kazakh National University of the Arts is another worth seeing place in Almaty that is one of the tourist attractions in Almaty. It is the main theatre, film, drama, and fine arts and design school in this region. So, if you have an interest in these fields, you should definitely visit there. After visiting there, you can experience the school culture of Almaty.

Kazakh National University of the Arts

This is a very beautiful building in the shape of a bowl, which attracts anyone towards it. It is located at 127 Panfilov Street in Almaty. The outer wall of the building is covered with dark blue colored glass. In the day, the sunlight reflecting at different angles gives it a very mesmerizing look. In the night, the colorful electric lights also add beauty to it. There are several fountains laid in front of the building making it more charming.

Location – Panfilov St 127, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Timing – 9 AM – 6 PM

9. The Intimate Ruins of Sauran

The Intimate Ruins of Sauran is the next place on our list which is the best destination, especially for history buffs. It is away from the highway from Turkestan to Kyzyl Orda in South Kazakhstan. This place is basically a historical place more than a tourist place. So, at this place, you will get to know interesting things about the history of Kazakhstan.

Broken buildings, and forts are covered with grass today. Archaeologists from many countries and abroad will be seen doing research here, from whom you can get more information about that place. Apart from them, there live many locals from whom you can ask about anything about these ruins. Since it is one of the best tourist attractions in Almaty, you can easily see many tourists visiting there.

Location – Sauran, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

10. Kazakh Steppe

After visiting The Intimate Ruins of Sauran, you should visit the Kazakh Steppe which is a vast region of open grassland in northern Kazakhstan and adjacent portions of Russia. The notable thing about it is that it is the largest dry steppe region on earth which is spread over an area of about 804,450 square kilometers. Truly, Kazakh Steppe is one of the tourist places in Almaty.

In this vast field, you can spot many wild animals like Saiga antelope, Siberian roe deer, wolves, foxes, badgers, Mongolian gerbils, etc. You can easily capture those creatures in your camera. There are very few trees and plants in this region on account of low precipitation. Due to the lack of vegetation, it is a less populated area than other places in Kazakhstan. There are many tourists who can be seen traveling in this region throughout the year.

Location – Iliysk, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

11. Kók Tóbe Park

The next tourist attraction on our list is Kók Tóbe Park which is located at the top of the Kók Tóbe hill at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. Kók Tóbe Park is also one of the best places to visit in Almaty, Kazakhstan which is visited by not only local tourists but also foreign tourists. Inside the park, there are various entertainments available such as a children’s playground, a climbing wall, the Fast Coaster ride, an art gallery, and a tea house.

Fast coaster, a Ferris wheel, a fountain in a shape of an apple, a place for romantic walks and dates, and 372 meters tall TV Tower named Almaty Tower is the main tourist attraction of this park. Park is connected to the main Almaty city by a cable car line. There are many beautiful views throughout the park that you must capture with your camera.

Location – Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan

Timing – NA

Almaty Travel Guide

1. Staying in Almaty

There are multiple options for staying in Almaty, among them, a few are as follows –

  1. Rixos Almaty
  2. Kazzhol Hotel Almaty
  3. Ramada by Wyndham Almaty
  4. Grand Hotel Tien-Shan
  5. Novotel Almaty City Center

2. Eating in Almaty

There are so many restaurants in Almaty that offer tasty food. Some of them are as follows –

  1. Tyubeteika
  2. Alasha
  3. Navat
  4. Kishlak
  5. Line Brew Almaty

3. Shopping in Almaty

You can have a great shopping experience of shopping in Almaty by visiting these malls.

  1. Esentai Mall
  2. MEGA Alma-Ata
  3. TSUM
  4. Villa Boutiques & Restaurants
  5. FORUM Mall

4. How to Reach Almaty?

Almaty International Airport is the main airport in Almaty connecting the majority of the countries in the world by air. Apart from this, the rail network is perfectly spread in Almaty making it every tourist to explore Almaty easy. And, if we talk about the road network, it is well connected with all the regions of the country. So, in a nutshell, visiting Almaty and exploring its sites is not a very tough task.

5. Best Time to Visit Almaty

The best time to visit Almaty is in the summer seasons (especially in the month of August) as this time the temperature remains moderate. This time the weather is perfect for exploring the city. If you are able to bear severe winter, you must visit there between November to February as you can enjoy the heavy snowfall during this time.

FAQ – Tourist Places in Almaty

1. What are the top attractions to visit in Almaty?

First Presidents Park, Big Almaty Lake, Almaty Zoo, Charyn Canyon, and Shymbulak are the best places to visit in Almaty.

2. What are the best outdoor activities in Almaty?

Skiing, horse riding, snowboarding, trekking, fishing, and mountaineering, are the best outdoor activities that you can easily do in Almaty.

3. Is Almaty worth visiting?

Absolutely yes, Almaty is one of the best places in Kazakhstan where you can have amazing experiences. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Almaty that attract people all over the world to visit there.

4. Is Almaty a good holiday destination?

Almaty is definitely a good holiday destination. The culture, customs, and traditions of people, local markets, grand resorts, national parks, mountains, canyons, and villages will give you an amazing experience.

5. Why is Almaty famous?

Almaty is famous for many things. Firstly, it is the largest city in Kazakhstan with a population of about 2 million. Secondly, it was the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997. It has been a commercial and trade center for centuries. And also, in the field of tourism, it is very active.

6. What is the best time to visit Almaty?

The best time to visit Almaty is in the summer seasons (especially in the month of August) as this time the temperature remains moderate. This time the weather is perfect for exploring the city. If you are able to bear severe winter, you must visit there between November to February as you can enjoy the heavy snowfall during this time.

7. What should I wear in Almaty?

On the trip to Almaty, you should wear warm clothes, thick socks, and a thick jacket and boots.

8. How do I get to Almaty?

If you live outside Kazakhstan, you can land in Almaty by plane. There is an international airport named Almaty International Airport (ALA) which is located 15 miles from the city center. It connects major countries around the world. You can also get there by train from Moscow and Urumqi and from China.

9. What is the main religion in Kazakhstan?

Islam is the main religion in Kazakhstan that was introduced to the region during the 8th century by the Arabs.

10. How can I go to Almaty from India?

You can get to Almaty by flight from Ahmedabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Surat, and Mumbai Airports.

11. What is Kazakh traditional food?

Kazakhs usually prefer mutton, horse meat as well as milk products. Kumiss, Besbarmak, Kazi, Karta, Shuzhuk, Kuirdak, Baursaki, Sorpa and Baursaki, Lagman, Palau, Manti, Chak-Chak, etc are the dishes that are included in the traditional food of Kazakhs.

12. Which month is the hottest in Almaty?

July-August is considered the hottest month in Almaty.

Conclusion – Tourist Attractions in Almaty

We believe that we have tried our best to solve your problem. We have introduced you to all the places which are the main tourist attractions in Almaty, today. Now, it’s your turn. Mention the name of the place from where you are planning to start your journey. Or, mention the place which you like the most in the comment section.

If you think there are also some best places to visit in Almaty that we haven’t mentioned in our list but are worth visiting, do mention them in the comments section. If it really is, we will definitely add them to our list.