10 Best Places to visit in West Kazakhstan (With Images)

In this travel guide, you will come to know the best places to visit in West Kazakhstan with their images.

You may know that the entire Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions and 4 cities. West Kazakhstan is one of the regions which is located at the western part of the country. This region is surrounded by the Aktobe and Atyrau regions in the south and east and by Russia in the North and West.

The West Kazakhstan Region has a rich historical and cultural heritage. There are a lot of historical and archaeological sites, art museums, and monuments in this region that are continuously representing the ancient culture of the Kazakhs. So, if you visit there, you will be able to experience the ancient culture of the country.

Apart from historical places, there are also some religious places which are worth visiting. You will feel a very positive energy there which can heal your mental health if your peace of mind is lost.

Now, I am going to mention the best tourist attractions in West Kazakhstan that you must visit.

Best Places to visit in West Kazakhstan

Oral City

Oral, commonly abbreviated as Yaitssk (Russian: till 1774), is a part of northern Kazakhstan, near the Russian borderline, at the juncture of the Rhône and Chagan rivers. It is regarded culturally in Europe because it lies on the west slope of the Kama River. It is the provincial capital of West Kazakhstan.

oral city

Kazakhs (67 percent) and Russians make up the majority of the population. Population: 271,9100 (2008 Census figures); 194,904 (2011 Census results) (1996 Census results). This city has a lot of museums that you can visit as a traveler and enjoy its beauty. There are certain parks located in the area too that are a must to go and check out.

Cathedral of Archangel Mikhail

The Archangel Michael Cathedral (Russian: Arkhanggelsky soboor) is a Russian Apostolic cathedral dedicated to Michael the Archangel. It is situated seen between Great Kremlin Castle and the Vladimir the Good Church Tower on Cathedral Park in the Kremlin Kremlin in Russia.

cathedral of archangel mikhail
Cathedral of Archangel Mikhail

Until the capital was moved to St. Petersburg, it was the major necropolis of the Russian Tsars. It was erected on the site of an ancient cathedral, completed in 1334, between 1506 and 1509 under the guidance of an Italian designer named Aloisio the New. It is now a component of the Moscow Metropolitan Museum.

Regional Museum

One of the oldest existing museums is the West-Kazakhstan provincial exhibition of archaeology and historical events. M. K. Kurilinn, a philosopher at the Ural military academy, founded it in 1837. M. K. Kurilinn, G. S. Karelinn, N. S. Severtseva, and L. S. Berg are examples of great scientists. It was transported to Uralsk’s actual school ten years later and became the Uralskk Cossack History Museum.

The provincial collection of history and heritage was thereafter established on its foundation. During the Pacific War, it was shuttered. The museum has been housed in the majestic structure of the old Russian-Kyrgyz school, which again was erected in 1878, since 1981.

Christ the Savior Church

Amid the future Empress Nikolay V, who was heading to Saint Petersburg first from the East, the chapel was founded in 1890. Vladimir Chaginn, a St. Petersburg architect, designed it. A. Menzak, a Ukrainian icon painter, completed the picture. The cathedral was completed in 1907, after seventeen years of building.

christ the savior church
Christ the Savior Church

During the Soviet era, the chapel was converted into an atheist museum. Several of the domes was turned into a planetarium. A march was conducted in Nov 1991, calling for the repair of the Basilica of Christ the Redeemer and the restoration of religious rituals. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in West Kazakhstan.

Museum of Saken Komarov

In 1994, Saken Gumarov created a museum in his painting studio. Saken Gumarov was established in the West Kazakhstan area of Bukeevschina. He has been drawing the steppe, the open outlines of felt rugs since he was a boy. Sakeen Gumaarov is a part of the European Union of Soviet Journalism and the Union of Kazakhstan Artists.

For the past thirty years, he has been sculpting. “Since I can recall, I’ve been sketching only in paint. He didn’t stick to genres or subjects, and he didn’t pay attention to national, class, social, or ethnic disparities. Music, architecture, and poetry have all had an indirect and passionate effect on him “.

Cemetery Transfiguration Church

Preobrazhenskoye Cemetery (Russian: lit. Illumination Mausoleum) is a cemetery in Moscow’s eastern suburbs that has a long history of being affiliated with Old Believers. In 1787, a Fedosevtsy merchant opened it as a plague quarantine, concealing the Bespopovtsy monasteries.

cemetery transfiguration church
Cemetery Transfiguration Church

The cemetery’s grounds were outside of Moscow at the time, but close to its boundary. The cemetery quickly became the moral and logistical heart of Russia. A path to the cemetery divided the cloister into two equal square portions, monasteries for men and a religious school for women.

Eastern Orthodox Church

Kazakhstan’s Eastern Orthodox Chapel is a Russian Unitarian Chapel metropolitan suburb or metropolis. The Orthodox in Kazakh has been accorded some autonomy, having authority over all Religious People in Kazakhstan, while it is not entirely independent or personality like the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox under the Moscow Oblast. The majority of its members are Kazakh ethnic Russian, Ukrainians, and Belarusians.

In ancient times, there had been colonies of the Faith of something like the East throughout what is now Kazakhstan, just as there were in the entirety of Asia. You can visit the place for peace and the art inside it.

El Divino club

In the region of Uralsk, there is a hotspot for clubbers. For the younger generation, the area is a big draw. The cuisine and ambiance are both excellent. When I went on Christmas night, the venue was beautifully adorned for the occasion. The cuisine and ambiance of the establishment were very enjoyable.

el divino club
El Divino club

This place is a must-go attraction in the region with all the exciting environment and the ambiance also. The place is quite reasonable so you can afford it easily too and enjoy the nightlife of the city in clubs like these. The parking lot is also free of cost in the area which is a benefit as well.

Yemelyan Pugachev Museum

The dad of the Kazakh maiden who engaged Breakaway rebel Yemelyan Pugachev over his brief stay in the city leased this log home. One area has personal items such as ‘Tsar Peter III’ banknotes, Pugachev’s throne, and the little cage in which the defeated and captured tsar-imposter was finally handed to Princess Catharine the Great.

A standard Cossack kitchen is shown in another room, although there is a courtyard full of ancient field gear. The museum is open every Sunday to Wednesday from morning to evening at a regular interval. It is quite popular among the locals and one should visit it once in a while.

Entertainment Center Galaktika

This mall is the center of all the fun and games that happen on the west side which is also one of the best tourist attractions in West Kazakhstan. It is a huge building with lots of floors having different places to explore in the avenue. You can buy groceries, play games, eat any kind of food and also relax for a bit in the spa section of the mall.

entertainment center galaktika
Entertainment Center Galaktika

The building consists of different sections for the people having different types of entertainment facilities. You can do anything in the area. The top floor of the building has a large food court where nearly every type of meal is available for the people who visit this massive mall.


Have you enjoyed this read? These are the best places to visit not only in West Kazakhstan province but also entire country that are worth exploring. Every place has its own vibe, so you can feel different vibes there. If you want to explore the most popular tourist sites in Kazakhstan, you should definitely go through our this travel guide.

Although local people are supportive, you know exceptions are always there. So, my personal suggestion for you is that if possible avoid taking help from local people or, at least try to avoid their help. Also, you can rely on your guide or any formal guy, not a random guy.

I’m going to wrap up this travel guide. For your West Kazakhstan journey, All The Best!