10 Best Tourist Attractions in North Kazakhstan Province (With Images)

In this travel guide, you will get to know the best tourist attractions in North Kazakhstan Province which are worth exploring once in a life.

North Kazakhstan is one of the regions among 14 regions in Kazakhstan with an area of 98,040 km2 (37,850 sq mi), making it the fourth-smallest of all the regions of Kazakhstan. Petropavl is the capital of this region which is also known as Kyzylzhar in Kazakh colloquial.

The North Kazakhstan region is surrounded by Russia in the north, Akmola Region in the south,  Pavlodar Region in the east, and Kostanay Region in the west. The most popular Ishim (Esil) River, a tributary of the Irtysh river flows from Karagandy Region to Russia through North Kazakhstan Region which adds beauty to this region.

There is an abundance of tourist sites in North Kazakhstan that needs to be explored. So, to introduce you to those tourist places, I am going to mention the best tourist attractions in North Kazakhstan in this travel blog.

Best Tourist Attractions in North Kazakhstan

1. Zhumbaktas Rock

A lovely gulf may be found in the northern portion of Auliekoll Lagoon (Burabai), here between the hills of Kokshe and Temirtau. A little rocky outcrop – a pile of eroded granite rocks – sits in the center of the gulf. In Kazakh, this rock is known as Zhumbaktas, meaning Mysterious Stone. The rock is quite enigmatic.

zhumbaktas rock
Zhumbaktas Rock

When walking from Burabay hamlet to Abblai Khan pasture and passing by a watercraft station, the boulder takes on the appearance of a young and lovely girl, her hair flowing in the winds. This is a mysterious place if you move away from the rock it looks like a girl is getting away. 

2. Mount Bolektau

The Burabaye Resort, the Blue Bay, the Okjeetpes and Jumbaaktas Rocks, and the Burabaay and Bolshoyee Chebacchye lakes are all visible from this 148 meter (482 ft) high peak. Amongst the most prominent summits among hikers is Mount Bolektau. Notice boards in three languages are located at the start of the route. It requires only 16 to 30 minutes to reach the summit, and no extra equipment is required.

mount bolektau
Mount Bolektau

On a particularly tough segment of the ascent, a hardwood ramp was constructed. Burabay is already a resort, so you won’t have any trouble finding food or lodging. 

3. Kenesary Cave

The Kenesary Cave’s construction is reminiscent of a yurt (pastoralist people’s traditional housing) with its typical chaos and confusion (the major feature of the hostel, a spherical orifice in the roofing), which also is replicated again by a spherical hole there in bunker’s upper half. Stone stairs lead to the cave’s entrance.

kenesary cave
Kenesary Cave

The cave has a beautiful view of Auliekoll Lake (Saint Lake), and its clean surface reflects the surrounding mountains. A walk to Kenesary Canyon will give you an overview of the cave’s heritage as well as the lifestyle of this remarkable man, allowing you to engage yourself in the ambiance of the period. 

4. Museum Complex of Abylai Khan

It is one of the worth seeing museums in Kazakhstan. Any visitor to North Kazakhstan should pay a visit to this exhibition. However, a working understanding of Russian and Kazakh might be beneficial in completely comprehending the displays. Currently, just one counselor speaks English. The importance of Abylaai Shah, who united the Kazakhs in preparation for ultimate statehood, is depicted in detail with numerous authentic artifacts.

museum complex of abylai khan
Museum Complex of Abylai Khan

The facility (bottom floor) was Muhammad’s old house, making the place historically significant in Kazakh history. It is now open to the public for free and is located in the city center. This is a spot that really should be checked out while it is still free. 

5. Cashville

A full-fledged casino with just a kids’ playground and a hotel attached. Adults with children get access to all amenities for a family vacation. A fascinating lake-facing children’s Lapland park that is fully commemorating XMas and offers horseback riding. You can investigate a massive wooden vessel. There are also Tepees on display, demonstrating how the residents of that chilly locale cope with the harsh climate.


Further, you can also go to the gambling area and play the casino in the casino royale café located near it which is a good place to be if you want to throw in some money for checking your luck. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in North Kazakhstan.

6. Museum of Nature

A delightful exhibit with a Grammar guide to describe the numerous exhibits on two floors is a wonderful surprise. The cliffs and mountains, as well as stuffed animals and birds seen in the deep woods, are all discussed. The Museum of Nature is one of the best tourist attractions in North Kazakhstan.

museum of nature
Museum of Nature

It has a tiny zoo that is entertaining for both children and adults. There is a curio shop on the premises, as well as eateries within walking distance. On the road to Burabay Nature Preserve, it’s definitely worth stopping by. It also gives the facility to eat and relax in the backyard area if the tourists need some refreshment activity to freshen them up.  

7. Botanical Garden

A wonderful alfresco section of the botanical park is home to geese and other birds. Limited variety, lovely wildflowers, and koi ponds may be found here. Various critters and a big contained garden with tropical and desert flora may be found in the indoor section. We went while the weather was nice, but I can see this being a fun spot to visit in the winter.

botanical garden
Botanical Garden

The garden serves as home to a wide variety of jungle woods and plants as well which are quite pleasant to the eye. There is a pond inside the garden which is home to many fishes as well, so, you can spot different fishes there.

8. Regional History Museum

The exhibit is a must-see tourist site in North Kazakhstan for everyone interested in learning about the background of the present Petropavl location. Exhibits from the Neolithic Period to the present day may be seen at the gallery. The guides are offered in three cultures: Russian, Kazakh, and English. This museum has all history encrypted and held in a single place.

The tourist can know about all the things that went down in ancient times that led to the existence of the region. There are various sections in the museum resembling various eras of the old times. 

9. Victim Memorial of Political Repression

The quantity of forced emigration (and the resulting misery) during the Soviet period will astound visitors. North Kazakhstan is home to a large population of german Citizens, Northern parts, Poles, and Koreans. A short walk of Petropavlovsk should commence with a visit to the monument.

monument to victims of political repression
Victim Memorial of Political Repression

The memorial consists of several stones in the beginning and at the center which gives us the history of these people who are given the honor in this way. We will also come to know that there was a large number of people that immigrated due to the oppression. 

10. Monument to Pushkin and Abai

The monument, which is easily visible from the Promenade, is fairly striking in a little space. It serves as the gateway to a gorgeous park system with beautiful artwork plus lakes. It’s fantastic to sit and unwind. The area has a lot of beautiful fountains as well which are a treat to watch both at the night as well as in the daytime. 

monument to pushkin and abai
Monument to Pushkin and Abai

It is also a place where you will find a lot of birds in the evening time. People usually come out here to feed these birds and also to enjoy the view of this wonderful place.


Have you enjoyed this travel guide? I hope you did. So, these are the best tourist attractions in North Kazakhstan that you should definitely visit. The different natural landscapes like mountains, caves, parks, etc will definitely give an amazing experience. The man-made buildings, monuments, museums, etc are worth seeing.

You can also read our next travel guide on tourist spots in Kazakhstan if you want to explore more travel destinations in Kazakstan.

Now, I’m going to wrap up this guide. In last, I would like to wish you “All the Best” for your journey to North Kazakhstan in advance.