10 Best Travel Apps in India You must have on your Phone

In this travel guide, we have mentioned the 10 best travel apps in India that you must have on your phone if you are an avid traveler.

Traveling vacations, especially in India is the dream of many people all around the world. As India is a land of beauty, love, prosperity, joy & happiness, it is the main reason for tourism in India. According to the latest report of the Economic Impact Report (EIR) tourism sector contributed almost $215-Billion in 2022 providing jobs to more than 3.5 crore people.

Now with the help of travel apps, tourists can book tickets, hotels, and cabs online, & many more services are also been provided by travel apps but there are also many problems with travel apps like consuming High-speed data, and not providing a good service. Now keeping this thing in mind, I provide you with the best 10 travel apps in India.

Are you in a hurry? Let’s have a quick look at the best traveling apps in India along with the platforms from where you can download them.

Travel AppsAvailable On
OLA CabsApple App Store, Google Play Store
Make My TripApple App Store, Google Play Store
Skyscanner Apple App Store, Google Play Store
TrivagoApple App Store, Google Play Store
IRCTC Rail ConnectApple App Store, Google Play Store
Incredible IndiaApple App Store, Google Play Store
Tripadvisor Apple App Store, Google Play Store
YatraApple App Store, Google Play Store
Ease My Trip Apple App Store, Google Play Store
Travel TriangleApple App Store, Google Play Store

Best Travel Apps in India to Make Your Trip Easy

1. OLA Cabs

OLA Cabs is the one of best-traveling apps in India. It is used for the online booking of cabs and taxis. Its service is provided everywhere throughout India. But the biggest feature of OLA cabs is that it provides quick service at a decent price. Ola Cab also reviews the opinion on its customer satisfaction. It also provides car hire and car rental services.

With the service provided by the Oba Cab, you can reach your destination at a set time. With such features and ease of access, Ola Cab has become one of the most used and best-traveling apps in India. Today we can see that OLA cab has millions of customers all over India with 1.5 million driver-partners. Due to these features, it is also used in day-to-day life.

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2. Make My Trip

Make My Trip is one of the best traveling apps in India for sure. As it provides great service at very cheap prices & not only that it has great experience in this field as well as the instant notification feature. Its greatest feature is that provides the traveling fare at the cheapest prices. Not only that you can pay at checkout. It has zero cancellation charges. 

As their aim is to make travelers’ travel ease by making their all needs meet in a single place. It provides 24/7 customers support for those who are on a journey. With their features and great sense of responsibility they have won the hearts of many travelers  

3. Skyscanner 

This travel app is one of the best and is available to customers in more than 30 languages and is used by more than 10 crore people per month. They are one of the largest and most active flight sights in the whole world.

They are well equipped and have a great variety of flights with the best routes and judgment. They are safe to pay online as they connect you directly to the airline for you to book with.

4. Trivago

It’s one of the best travel apps available to people. It has served more than 190 countries in the whole world and is expanding itself more. Now it has also come to India.

It may not provide flight booking and some other services too but it provides the best hotel banking service not only in India but also all around the world. It is considered one of the best hotel-providing apps worldwide with a 100% guarantee that too at the best price. 

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The full form of IRCTC is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is also an amazing travel app that provides tickets, catering, and tourism services for travelers. As many foreigners, as well as Indians, are attracted to the Indian Railways, through this, you can experience the greatest railway journey all around India.

It is completely safe as controlled by the Ministry of Railways which is under the administrative operation of the Government of India. Now the Government had launched many apps or sub-apps of IRCTC which also provide many services like booking flights etc.

6. Incredible India

It is one of the best apps in India as well as one of the safest apps as it is made by the Ministry of tourism. As India is the 7th largest country in the world & one of the largest diversity in the world it helps to explore India safe and sound, it also provides other services like booking of hotels, etc but the most incredible feature of Incredible India is its exploring service which gives the best experience of joy and wonder. 

This app helps you to understand the ideologies of Indians, the culture, and the traditions of India. With this app, you can explore the core of India as well as you can see what really India is.

7. Tripadvisor 

It is an international traveling app made in the U.S. It is known for many services like destination accommodations, Hotel booking, B&Bs, specialty lodging, and other activities throughout India as well as the world. The coolest feature of TripAdvisor’s travel research platform which aggregates personal information about an individual about their journey.

8. Yatra

It is the local app used by many Indians also while traveling from state to state. It provides a gentle service that makes the person feel incredible.

It was not that good at the beginning but it learned from its mistakes and improved them as well and emerged as one of the best travel apps in India. Now it is not only used by foreigners but also by the Indians because of its gentle service.

9. Ease My Trip 

It is an Indian online travel company. Today, it is known by everybody and used by many people. But its travel fare feature makes it different from others as it provides the lowest prices than anyone in the market.

It also provides other services like hotel booking, travel planning, etc at the lowest prices with great experiences which is the main reason for its massive popularity and helps it to rise as one of the leading travel apps in India. With its joyful service, you feel the happiest tour of your life. 

10. Travel Triangle

Last but not least, TravelTriangle is undoubtedly an amazing travel app in India. It is the app owned by the holiday Triangle Travel Private Limited which is known for being obvious for best vacation deals, as it provides great tour packages all over India. It also provides many wonderful services to all of its customers. But its greatest feature is vacation packages as well as vacation service.

They provide the most enjoyable and happy vacation service. Also, it provides an incredible honeymoon service. If you are planning on your honeymoon or you are family trip this app is the most suitable one.

Conclusion – Best Travel Apps in India

There might be some other apps that also provide great service not mentioned here but it is my personal opinion which I gained through personal experience & research. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. But I can tell you that these apps are amazing for sure.

I highly recommend them. With their help, you can have a joyful vacation, travel, and tours with your friends and family. Many of these apps are controlled by the Government of India. So, these apps are completely safe and sound, and also more credible.

I hope this blog post provided you with some knowledge and ultimately helped you.