9 Best Playgrounds in Kazakhstan (With Images)

best playgrounds in kazakhstan

In this travel guide, you will get to know the best playgrounds in Kazakhstan that are undoubtedly worth visiting. Kazakhstan features a number of different sports playgrounds, some of which are fairly well-known and serve as the world’s largest centers. This nation is the financial and political powerhouse of Central Asia, accounting for 60% of … Read more

10 Best Places to visit in Shymkent – 2022 (With Photos)

best places to visit in shymkent

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best places to visit in Shymkent that you should definitely explore. Shymkent Overview Location Near the border with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Area 1,170 km² Elevation 506 m Population 9.32 lakhs (2017) Language Kazakh & Russian (Main) Main Religion Islam Famous For Advanced technology, parks, monuments, modern buildings, beautiful … Read more