Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur (MP) – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur (MP). Here, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, how to reach, best time to visit, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, etc useful information.

Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur Overview

LocationChachai village, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Entry FeeFree
Opening Hours24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMonsoon Season
Nearest TownSirmaur ( 9 km)
Nearest Railway StationRewa Railway Station (35 km)
Nearest AirportPrayagraj Airport  (130 km)
Famous ForPicnic, Exploring Nature, Adventure
Nearby AttractionsDeur Kothar, Astang Waterfall, Rani Talab Meyer,  Keoti Waterfall, etc.

Chachai Waterfall is located in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. The waterfall has a height of 130 metres and is the second-largest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh.

The waterfall originates from a river called Bihad. One can easily feel the small droplets of water even while standing at a distance from a waterfall.

Visiting the waterfall during monsoons feels amazing, and people living nearby visit the waterfall during this time.

When the flow rate is slow, the Chachai Waterfall’s majestic canyon may be seen from a distance. There are a few restrooms and hotels near Chachai Waterfall where visitors can stay and enjoy the view from their room balcony.

Interesting Facts about Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur

  1. The waterfall is so beautiful, even it caught the attention of Shree Jawahar Lal Nehru, who praised the waterfall.
  2. The Chachai waterfall provides around 15 megawatts of electricity and is a great source of irrigation for the villages nearby.
  3. The waterfall is famous because it is situated near Chitrakoot, which has great significance in Hindu mythology known as the Ramayana.
  4. The waterfall is named Chachai because it is situated in Chachai village, Rewa district.
  5. The waterfall is between the woods, and you can see small streams of water flowing that are connected to the waterfall.

Things to do at Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur

Chachai Waterfall

1. Picnic

Most of the people who visit Chachai Waterfall often enjoy family gatherings and picnics. While visiting the waterfall, you could see various families and groups of friends who visited the waterfall to enjoy their weekends.

2. Exploring Nature

As the waterfall is between the woods, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to explore and learn more about the beauty of nature. You can see various wild animals and feel your closeness to nature.

How to Reach Chachai Waterfalls 

way to Chachai Waterfall

1. By Road

The nearest town to the Chachai waterfall is Sirmaur which is 9 km from the location of the waterfall. Sirmaur is connected to Rewa which is around 38 km away from there.

There are several buses that can take you to the waterfall, or you can book a cab or taxi to reach the waterfall.

2. By Train

There are several train stations near Chachai waterfall like Rewa Railway Station (35 km), Manikpur Junction (64 km), and Satna Junction (63 km). You can find various transportation facilities outside the train station that can take you to the waterfall.

3. By Air

There are several airports near Rewa, such as Prayagraj Airport, Varanasi Airport, Jabalpur Airport, and Khajuraho Airport.

Tourist Attractions near Chachai Waterfalls 

Chachai Waterfalls

1. Deur Kothar

Deur Kothar also features 5,000-year-old stone tunnels, which are undeniably quite fascinating to see. The Lord Buddha’s relics were dispersed during Ashoka’s reign in order to build several stupas in an endeavor to promote Buddhism all across the Vindhyan area.

When this ancient site was discovered, Buddhists constructed stupas at Deur Kothar, making it one of the most important Rewa tourist destinations.

2. Astang Waterfall

The waterfall is adjacent to the Rewa region of Madhya Pradesh. People love visiting the Astang Cascade on holidays since it is a well-kept mystery.

Due to the proximity of Astang waterfall to Bahuti cascade, one must travel straight to reach Astang waterfall instead of making a left turn to reach Bahuti waterfall.

The wind’s velocity, which ranges from 60 to 70 km/h, makes it difficult to stand near the waterfall. The commitment to see the waterfall will be among your best ones ever.

3. Rani Talab Meyer

Rani Talab Meyer, one of the earliest sources of water in the area, is a must-see destination in Madhya Pradesh. The incredibly well-kept watercourse is utilized for many different things, including farming, fishing, and home tasks.

On notable days, this artificial lake is filled with devotees, particularly during dawn and dusk.

4. Keoti Waterfall

Keoti Fall is without a doubt one of the best waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh and was created by nature to be breathtaking. It is the 25th-highest waterfall in all of India.

The stream known as River Mahana originates from the upper reaches of the Tons and flows down from Rewa Peak close to Keoti Waterfall.

In your viewfinders, you could even be fortunate to catch the alluring drop as it falls from a height of 98 meters. It is well-known for being the 25th highest waterfall in India and has a single drop in a dispersed fall.

Best Time to visit Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur (MP)

It is recommended to visit the waterfall during the monsoon season, as the level of water in the falls is quite high at this time of year. The beauty of the waterfall is at its peak during the monsoon season, and people often visit the waterfall during this time of the year.

Travel Tips

  1. One must wear light, cotton clothes while visiting the Chachai Waterfall.
  2. Wear shoes with good grip to avoid any kind of accident.
  3. Take some extra clothes with you, as the flow of water is high and you might get wet while standing near the waterfall.
  4. Do not stand close to the waterfall, as the height of the fall is quite high and it is dangerous.
  5. Take a first-aid kit with you for emergencies.


The Chachai Waterfall is an amazing tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. Visiting the waterfall with friends and family will be amazing. You can enjoy several things, such as picnics and family gatherings, near the waterfall.

People living near the waterfall often go on long drives and visit this waterfall. If you are ever visiting Madhya Pradesh, then you must surely visit the Chachai waterfall.

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FAQs on Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur (MP)

1. What is the best time to visit Chachai Waterfall?

It is suggested to visit the Chachai waterfall during monsoon season as this is the best time to visit there.

2. Where is Chachai Waterfall situated?

The Chachi waterfall is situated in Chachai village, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

3. What is the distance between Bhopal and the Chachai waterfall?

The distance between Chachai Waterfall and Bhopal is 570 km, which might take around 10–11 hours to reach the waterfall.

4. What are the tourist attractions near Chachai Waterfall?

There are several places that you can visit while visiting the Chachai Waterfall such as Deur Kothar, Astang Waterfall, Rani Talab Meyer, and Keoti Waterfall.

Map of Chachai Waterfall Sirmaur (MP)