Indian Students Association in Kazakhstan

Do you know, the Indian Students Association in Kazakhstan exists? This is good news for every Indian student who is currently studying or planning to study in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is well known for its best medical education all over the world, as a result, students from every corner of the world come to get the best medical education here. The quality of education and the facility are praiseworthy that attract the students spontaneously.

Currently, more than 3500 students are studying in various medical institutions in Kazakhstan. The majority of them are pursuing medical studies like MBBS, Dentistry Program, Bachelors in Nursing, Bachelors in Pharmacy, etc. The number of students who want to study there is increasing per year.

No formal or informal association existed before 2016 to support and unite these Indian students. Many times, Kazakh authorities used to do partiality with Indian students. As a result, to fight for their rights, Indian students formed an informal association called KAISA (Kazakh – Indian Students Association) in January 2016.

What is KAISA?

KAISA is the Indian Students Association in Kazakhstan that stands for “Kazakh – Indian Students Association” which is a non-governmental organization. It was formed in January 2016 to support Indian students. At present, around 1000 Indian students from different universities of Kazakhstan are members of this informal union and gradually the number of Indian students in this union is increasing regularly.

Contact Details – KAISA

If you being an Indian student in Kazakhstan, feel any Kazakh authority violates your rights, you can inform KAISA and they will help you to resolve this issue. At present, Shri P. Manoj is the secretary of this association. He is a 5th-year student of Kazakh National Medical University in Almaty.

Anyone can contact the KAISA association through email at You can also contact KAISA through contact number +77085361295.

SecretaryShri P. Manoj, Student of 5th Year, Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty

Officer in the Embassy/Consulate handling student-related matters

If KAISA fails to solve your issue, you can contact the Indian government body in the embassy or consulate. There are officers in the embassy who handle only student-related matters. At present, Shri K. Ramalingam handles student-related matters. You can contact him either by visiting the embassy or by mail.

OfficerShri K. Ramalingam
Telephone+7 7172 925721

How KAISA helps Indian Students?

As KAISA, an Indian Students Association in Kazakhstan is only for the welfare of Indian students, it always focuses to help them in various aspects. There are a few points given below that explain how KAISA helps Indian students.

  • KAISA tries to unite every Indian student from different universities in Kazakhstan.
  • KAISA attempts to provide a platform for Indian students and alumni to connect with each other.
  • It helps to share/exchange information and address concerns/issues of Indian students in Kazakhstan.
  • In order to establish good relations with Kazakh students, KAISA usually organizes sports, events, fairs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Kazakhstan safe for Indian students?

    Definitely. At present, almost 3500 Indian students are enrolled in different universities in Kazakhstan and the number of them is increasing per year. So, you are planning to study in Kazakhstan, you should definitely study there.

  2. How many Indian students are at Kazakh National Medical University?

    Almost 3500+ Indian students are studying in Kazakhstan currently, among them, almost 2000 students are enrolled in Kazakh National Medical University.

  3. Does Indian need a visa for Kazakhstan?

    Yes, Indian citizens who want to study, or travel in Kazakhstan, must have a student visa and tourist visa respectively.

  4. Is Kazakhstan Good for MBBS?

    Undoubtedly. Kazakhstan is known for its medical education all over the world. Every year thousands of students around the world come to study in Kazakhstan.

  5. Which country is better for MBBS Russia or Kazakhstan?

    As both countries are neighbors to each other, their education styles are quite similar. Both offer quality education with so many facilities. With respect to MBBS, Russia and Kazakhstan both are excellent.


Now, you shouldn’t have any doubt about Indian Students Association in Kazakhstan. I hope, this article will add value to you. If you have any queries, doubts, you can ask us by commenting. We will try to give you the answers to your queries as soon as possible.

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