Kattikayam Waterfalls Kottayam – Complete Travel Guide (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Kattikayam Waterfalls Kottayam, Kerala. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, maps, etc useful information.

Kattikayam Waterfalls Kottayam Overview

LocationMeenachil, Kottayam, Kerala
Entry FeeN/A
Timing24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMonsoon Season
Nearest TownMeenachil
Nearest Railway StationKottayam
Nearest AirportCochin Airport
Famous ForPicnic, Sightseeing, photography
Nearby AttractionsIllikkal Kallu, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Cheruthoni Dam, Vagamon Meadows, etc.

Kerala is home to many beautiful tourist attractions in India. Kattikayam waterfall is one of them which offers beautiful views of nature.

The picturesque Kattikayam waterfalls are located near Melu, a small town in the Meenachil Taluk of Kerala’s Kottayam District. The 70-meter-high Kattikayam waterfall has slick rocks, so it’s best to stay away from the sharp edges.

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Interesting Facts about Kattikayam Waterfalls

  • This beauty is even more alluring because it is still largely uncharted and underutilized. 
  • It is a fantastic location for a group of individuals with a variety of hobbies because it is great for hikers, swimmers, and the idle. 
  • The Kattikayam Waterfalls are surrounded by bamboo trees, expansive meadows, and wildflowers as they cascade from a height of at least 70 meters.
  • A waterfall that was constructed in the jungle a long time ago requires you to go along a steep trail along the sides, unlike other waterfalls.

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Things to do at Kattikayam Waterfalls Kottayam

Kattikayam Waterfalls

1. Sightseeing

The Kattikayam Waterfalls are breathtaking. Your eyes will be drawn to this magnificent waterfall, which also offers a refreshing sensation. Enjoy the stunning scenery surrounding the waterfall from its vantage point.

2. Picnic

The views of the sunset and sunrise from this location are unmatched. Additionally, the twilights and early mist in this region are breathtaking. You and your loved ones can have a quick picnic here.

3. Photography

The waterfall is accessible by hill slopes and a forest of tall trees. About a kilometer and a half separate them.

You can capture images of the breathtaking scenery all around you and afterward treasure those recollections.

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How to Reach Kattikayam Waterfalls

Kattikayam Waterfall

1. By Road

Kottayam is connected to all other significant cities in the state of Kerala via state buses operated by the Kerala Road Transport Corporation. All of the major cities are accessible by bus to Kottayam.

The nearest cities to Kottayam are Kumarakom (13 km), Alleppey (46 km), Kochi (64 km), and Thekaddy (108 km). The nearest bus station is the Poonjar bus station. To get to the falls from bus stops, you can reserve a car.

2. By Rail

The most important problem for passengers is how to get to Kottayam, which is solved by the Kottayam train station, which is located inside the town.

It has connections throughout the nation and with many cities in Kerala. Once at the station, arrange for a taxi or cab to take you to the Kattikayam waterfalls.

3. By Air

The nearest airport is Cochin Airport You may get to the Kattikayam waterfalls from there via a variety of vehicles.

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Tourist Places around Kattikayam Waterfalls

Kattikayam falls

1. Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal Kallu is located at a height of around 4,000 feet. After leaving your car at the valley’s parking space, you will need to hike for a time in order to appreciate the ethereal splendor. Simply stunning is the lush green greenery that lines both ends of the asphalt road.

2. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses the Taluks of Thodupuzha and Udumbanchola. 33 square kilometers make up the Idukki Reservoir, which was created by the three dams Cheruthoni, Idukki, and Kulamav.

The evergreen and deciduous tropical trees add to the area’s charm. Wildlife abounds in the sanctuary.

3. Cheruthoni Dam

The largest high concrete dam near the Idukki Arch Dam, Cheruthoni Dam is 138 m tall. This third-highest dam in the nation was built across the Periyar River in 1976 as a component of the Idukki Hydroelectric project, together with the dams Kulamavu and Idukki.

4. Kallar Meenmutty Waterfalls

A stunning waterfall named Kallar Meenmutty Waterfalls may be seen in Kerala’s Kallar hamlet, close to Ponmudi. It is among the stunning waterfalls close to Trivandrum and one of the top tourist attractions in Ponmudi. Western Ghats mountain ranges surround it.

5. Vagamon Meadows

Vagamon Meadows, often referred to as Barren Hills or Mottakunnu, is an expanse of small meadows near Vagamon, Kerala. It is among the most well-liked scenic locations in Vagamon to visit while on vacation there.

6. Marmala Waterfalls

The enticing Marmala waterfalls cascade into a 12-foot lagoon before flowing into the Teekoy River. As they cascade over hills coated in timber forests, the clear-flowing rivers offer an incomparable panorama.

7. Aruvikuzhy Waterfalls

The Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls are situated in the Pathanamthitta district, 11 kilometers from Kozhencherry. The 100-foot-tall falls are only active during the rainy season.

Aruvikkuzhi Falls, which is surrounded by tall and enormous trees, dazzles any guest with its power and isolated allure.

8. Hill View Park

A beautiful and well-kept park, Hill View Park is one of the Idukki tourist attractions and is situated 2 km from the Idukki Bus stand. The 8-acre park’s hundreds of different species of crotons, wildflowers, medicinal herbs, and other woodlands captivate tourists.

9. Thangalpara

Thangalpara is a picturesque destination famous for the unusual rock structure on Thanga Hill. It is thought that the massive rock formation in this location was once a little stone that the saint used as a grinding pan, but it developed significantly after his passing.

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Best Time to Visit Kattikayam Waterfalls

The monsoon, when it flows with all its vigor and splendor, is the greatest season to view this beautiful Kattikayam waterfall. If you go here, take caution of the slick rocks.

Travel Tips

  • Less busy and somewhat challenging to get waterfalls are better to visit with a group. 
  • If you intend to visit the small lake nearer to the falls, bring extra clothing.
  • Food is not offered in this location.
  • Keep in mind to bring food that comes from the city or town where your excursion begins.
  • The distance from the road is extensive, and the descent to the cascade is both difficult to find and exceedingly steep. So if you go, use caution.

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In all seasons, there is plenty of water at Kattikayam waterfalls. The waterfall gets more majestic as the monsoon gets stronger. The stream and waterfall offer a variety of experiences for swimmers, including little pits and ditches. The water at the waterfall is cool and pure. Between two hills is where Kattikayam waterfalls can be found. There is therefore some more hiking and a significant hill.

Map of Kattikayam Waterfalls