Mall Road in Nainital: Location, History, Things to Do, Facts & How to Reach 2023

In this travel guide, we have provided a complete travel guide to Mall Road in Nainital. So, if you are planning to visit there, this guide will surely be helpful for you.

Basic Information about Mall Road in Nainital

LocationAdjacent to Naini Lake, Nainital, Uttarakhand
Length1.5 km long connceting Mallital and Tallital
Nearest Bus StandTallital Bus stand
Nearest Railway StationKathgodam Railway Station
Nearest AirportPantnagar Airport

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The Mall Road, which is the major road throughout the day, runs next to Nainital Lake. It was built by the Britishers that connects Mallital and Tallital. The Mall Road connects the two main extremities of Nainital city and passes through the city center.

Even though Mall Road in Nainital has been formally changed to Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, its original name is still commonly used in surrounding communities.

Visitors and residents alike take a stroll along the road at night to enjoy the beauty of Naini Lake. You may observe nave visitors strolling down Mall Road at any time of day. During the busiest months of May, June, and October, access to this road for heavy trucks and traffic is forbidden.

The hill town of Nainital is cozily tucked away in Uttarakhand’s Himalayas. There are several activities in Nainital, such as sailing on Naini Lake and hiking up to Tiffin Top. A must-do is to take a stroll around the lake in the evening. The top activities to do in Nainital will be shared with you as we take you on a tour.

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History of Mall Road in Nainital

British nationals initially constructed the Mall Road as a destination for households living in British territories between 1841 and 1885. Despite the fact that the street is now formally known as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, it is still commonly referred to as Mall Road.

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What to see & do at Mall Road in Nainital

1. Naini Lake

Naini Lake is the most famous place to visit in Nainital. Nainital Lake, which is encircled by seven scenic hills, is a favorite destination for couples traveling together. Among the most popular lakes in India is this one. There are several opportunities for boating, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing on Nainital Lake.

2. Shopping

Mall Road in Nainital is mostly famous for the variety of shops it has and the various gifts that you can buy from these shops. Some gifts are woolen shawls, woolen sweaters, carved wood objects, souvenirs, artisans, and some exquisitely produced lamps in a variety of shapes, including fruits, preserves, homemade salsa, preserves, etc.

3. Naini Devi Temple

The Naini Devi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Naini Devi, is situated near the northernmost end of the renowned Nainital Reservoir. The Goddess is portrayed by her visual system at this revered shrine. Devotees go great distances to receive Maa Naina Devi’s favor.

4. Street Food

The most astonishing thing about Mall Road is that it’s not only for shopping but also for street food. There are several restaurants and street shops where you can go and enjoy the authentic food of Uttarakhand. Various Chinese dishes eaten in India first started to enter India via Uttarakhand, which is closest to China.

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Facts about Mall Road in Nainital

  1. It serves as one of the most well-liked and often visited tourist attractions in Nainital.
  2. The 1.5 km long Mall Road, which connects Mallital and Tallital, the two extremities of Nainital town, shows similarities to the lake.
  3. For travelers from all around the world, it functions as the premier venue for cultural events, dining, and shopping.
  4. If you adore momos, Mall Road in Nainital is the spot to go for some delectable cuisine; it is a paradise for you.
  5. British nationals initially constructed the Mall Road as a destination for people dwelling in British territories between 1841 and 1885.
  6. To prevent any annoyance to the visitors, the road is administered by PWD and is subject to rigorous traffic laws.
  7. The location is typically bustling during the day as residents and visitors come for commerce and walking.
  8. Numerous hotels, stores, banks, commercial complexes, travel services, cafés, and cafés can be found inside the mall.
  9. The breathtaking panoramic splendor tourists to Nainital may take advantage of the lamps and other fragrant goods that the city has available.
  10. Every year, hundreds of worshippers visit the temple at the terminus of the mall road next to Naini Lake.

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Best time to visit Mall Road in Nainital

Being a commercial hub, the mall is packed during the day with several hotels, restaurants, banks, tour operators, and stores to amaze customers. However, during the busiest months of May and June, the mall roadway in Nainital is blocked by traffic so that visitors may enjoy a rush-free stroll around the mall.

Exquisite candles of different forms and sizes are the focus of the businesses on Mall Road. There are several places to buy blankets, handcrafted products, wooden objects, and antiques.

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How to reach Mall Road in Nainital?

There are several ways in which you can reach Mall Road in Nainital. Mall Road is definitely a beautiful and peaceful place. Here are some of the ways by which you can reach Mall Road:

1. By Road

The Tallital Bus Stand, the closest bus stop, is only one kilometer away from the mall road. From there, you may take a taxi, a rickshaw, or a loop to go to Mall Road. A private automobile may be rented through one of the best car rental businesses in Nainital.

2. By Train

Traveling by train is the easiest way of traveling, and you will be able to see various things on your way. The closest train station, Kathgodam Railway Station, is about 34 Km from the mall road. From that station, you may take a local taxi to get to Mall Road.

3. By Air

Traveling by air not only saves you time but also allows you to see the place more pleasantly. The airport that is closest to Nainital Mall Road is Pantnagar Airport, which is situated 58 kilometers away. From there, you may take a taxi or a bus along NH 109 to Mall Road in Nainital.

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What Makes Mall Road So Famous?

The pleasures of Nainital, one of the most well-liked hill resorts in Uttarakhand, range from canoeing and windsurfing to ancient temples and historic structures, and, of course, picturesque views at every turn. Nainital, a lake county in Uttarakhand, is a popular destination for newlyweds and lovers.

Acquiring candles in all kinds, sizes, and styles is among the best things to do in Nainital. Amazing candles with never-before-seen shapes and designs are made by the people here. Don’t neglect to add some to the home’s interior design.

Negotiate for the best possible bargain. Additionally, one of the favorite things to do in Nainital during December is to have ice cream throughout the wintertime.

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FAQs – Travel Guide to Mall Road

1. Which are the best hotels on Mall Road in Nainital?

Hotel Himalaya, Hotel Elphinstone, Grand Hotel, Alka The Lake Side Hotel, Hotel Channi Raja, and Classic The Mall are some of the best hotels on Mall Road in Nainital.

2. Which are the best restaurants around Nainital Mall road?

Sakley’s Restaurant, Machan, Boat House Club, Sonam’s Momos, Embassy Restaurant, and Kumaon Restaurant are some of the best hotels that provide excellent food.

3. What is the timing of Mall road in Nainital?

Mall Road is open 24*7, so you can visit there when you want.

4. Is there any fee to enter Mall Road?

No, there is no fee to enter Mall Road.

5. What are the attractions around Mall Road, Nainital?

Naina Devi Temple, Naina Peak, Tiffin Point, Snow View Point, etc are the most popular tourist attractions around Mall Road in Nainital.

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