Mankadadian Waterfall – Complete Travel Guide (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Mankadadian Waterfall Gajapati, Odisha. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, maps, etc useful information.

Mankadadian Waterfall Gajapati

LocationSialilati, Gajapati, Odisha
Entry FeeN/A
Timing24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMonsoon Season
Nearest TownChandragiri (24 km)
Nearest Railway StationBrahmapur Railway Station (67 km)
Nearest AirportBhubaneswar (237 km)
Famous ForSightseeing, Trekking, Exploring the tribal communities
Nearby AttractionsGajapati Palace, Mahendragiri Hill, Gandahati Waterfall, Brundaban Palace, etc.

A stunning natural attraction next to Kankada village within Sialilati village of this area in Gajapati district, Mankadadian waterfalls is situated close to R.Udayagiri. This location is roughly 70 kilometers from the town of Brahmapur and 13 kilometers away from Jiranga City.

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Interesting facts about Mankadadian Waterfall

  • A picturesque location is a little waterfall about 15 kilometers from Mankadadian called Ghodasara (meaning stable). 
  • Since there are indications of horseshoe-shaped markings on the rocks, the little waterfall is given that name. 
  • Locals claim that the local king stored his horse in the caverns next to the waterfall when the British overlords attacked.
  • A visitor can also visit Khasada, another neighboring waterfall, after seeing the falls. 
  • Another significant location is Hanumanpada, commonly known as the imprint of Lord Hanuman, which is around 20 kilometers away from Khajuripada.

Things to do at Mankadadian Waterfalls Gajapati

Mankadadian Waterfalls

1. Sightseeing

The waterfall descends a hill from a height of 100 feet. Since getting there requires walking down a creek for about two kilometers over hilly terrain, the attractive location is a tourist favorite.

2. Trekking 

According to locals, the trekking trail leading to the fall is so difficult to navigate that a tourist must use monkey tricks to get there. One can enjoy a stunning view of the adjacent valleys and lush hills while trekking.

3. Explore the tribal communities 

Tourists from towns and cities can get a glimpse of the tribal way of life by visiting the tribal communities along the tracks, which are also fascinating. Along the route to the falls, there are roughly 30 homes of the local forest inhabitants.

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How to Reach Mankadadian Waterfall Gajapati

Mankadadian Waterfall gajapati

1. By Road

The nearest bus stop is Chandragiri, you can take a car or taxi from there to reach the Waterfalls.

2. By Rail

The nearest railway station is Brahmapur (67 km). You can book a cab or a taxi and reach the waterfalls. 

3. By Air

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar (237 km). Once you reach the airport you can take a car or taxi to help you reach the airport. 

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Tourist Places near Mankadadian Waterfall Gajapati

Mankadadian falls

1. Gajapati Palace

Located in the Gajapati district, 237 kilometers from Bhubaneswar, are the Brundaban Palace and the Gajapati kingdom of Paralakhemundi. It is situated along the Mahendratanaya River’s riverbed. Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati, the Gajapati king, constructed the palace.

2. Mahendragiri Hill

Mahendragiri Hill, which is 40 kilometers from Paralakhemundi, is a stunning hill covered in a lush, wildlife-filled forest. Visitors are drawn to this hill because of the river Mahendratanaya that runs down from it. The Ramayana’s Mahendra Parvata is known as Mahendragiri Hill.

3. Padmasambhava Statue

The major monastery for the Ripa Lineage is the Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery, also called as Thupten Mindrolling Monastery, and it is situated in Jeerango, Gajapati district, in the Indian state of Odisha. It is reputed to be Eastern India’s biggest Buddhist monastery.

4. Gandahati Waterfall

A village called Gandahati is home to the Gandahati Waterfall, which is roughly 30 kilometers from Paralakhemundi and 153 miles from Berhampur. The rainfalls from the canals between the hills make the area incredibly lovely. It is among the most tranquil and enjoyable areas for guests.

5. Brundaban Palace

The distance from Paralakhemundi Bus Stand to B.N.Palace, which is situated on the Mahendratanaya River’s bank in Paralakhemundi, is only 1.5 km. Brundabana Palace is another name for B.N.Palace. Krishna Chandra Gajapati, the Paralakhemundi Maharaja, constructed the Brundabana Palace.

6. Khasada Waterfall

Only 11 kilometers separate the stunning Khasada waterfall from Chandragiri and 90 kilometers separate it from Paralakhemundi. It is best to have a bath in the crystal-clear water at the waterfalls, which come loaded with water from the forest. The waterfall is surrounded by hills and lush vegetation, which is breathtaking to see.

7. Gudguda Waterfall

The Gudguda Waterfalls is situated in the Gajapati district, 37 kilometers from Paralakhemundi. The ideal picnic area is encircled by hills and forests. The area is entirely covered in beautiful natural scenery. Wide areas have been affected by the waterfall’s discharge.

8. Chandragiri Temple

The Buddhist monastery of Chandragiri is 80 kilometers away from Paralakhemundi. One of India’s most renowned Buddhist temples and has a stunning location. The temple is situated in Odisha’s eastern ghat region. The surroundings are really tranquil.

9. Luha Khamba Temple

At the peak of the Luhakhamba Mountain, there lies a cave housing the Luha Khambeswara Shiva Temple. It is about 82 km from Paralakhemundi in the Gajapati district and 27 km from R. Udayagiri. Luha Khambeswar is the name given to Lord Shiva since he is revered as an iron manifestation.

10. Harabhangi Dam

The Harabhangi dam lies 6 kilometers northwest of Adava, 28 kilometers from Mohana, and roughly 132 kilometers from Paralakhemundi. The Harabhangi Reservoir’s main use is to store irrigation water. Green trees and mountains encircle Harabhangi.

11. Brahmani Devi Waterfall

The Brahmani Devi Cascade is situated in Karchabadi, 77 kilometers from Berhampur Town and 8 kilometers from Mohana. Karchabadi waterfall, also known as Brahmani Devi waterfall. The springs at the peak of the Hills feed the Brahmani Devi Waterfall, which is located there.

12. Bittarasai Waterfall

The Bittarasai waterfall is situated 45 kilometers from Jiranga and 60 kilometers from Paralakhemundi from the boundary of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Visitors are drawn to the area in the winter by the stunning surroundings and the noises of the waterfall.

Best Time to Visit Mankadadian Waterfalls Gajapati 

Waterfalls are mostly visited in the monsoon season.  But the peak season of Mankadadian fall is October.

Travel Tips

  • After leaving their vehicles, tourists must now walk four kilometers to get to the waterfall. 
  • Mankadadian falls in the Gajapati district in south Orissa is the place to be if you want to hop, skip, and leap like a monkey. 
  • Bikes, cars, and small vehicles can all be used to get there. 
  • If you take the bus, you must get out at a stop one kilometer from the location and then walk there. 
  • Watch out for the pebbles and the water slide. You could rest there. 
  • A beautiful location for a picnic party. However, as there are no drinking water facilities, you must bring as often as you need.
  • There, the water’s depth is greater. While moving around on the rocks, take care. If you slip, you might hurt yourself. 
  • Children and elderly people should avoid the area due to the slick roads, and if you want to visit the waterfall, you must walk 1.5 kilometers from the main road. You can also ride a bike or a Scotty! 
  • Please do not go alone.


That area is full of beautiful nature and a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. The fall generates such spotless and cool water that it is very amazing to take a bath in the natural shower. One of the top tourist destinations in the Gajapati District is Mankadadian Waterfall. Do bring your relatives and friends along.

Map of Mankadadian Waterfalls Gajapati