Marmala Waterfall Kottayam – Complete Travel Guide (2023)

This is a travel guide to Marmala Waterfall Kottayam. Therefore, if you are planning to visit there, this guide will definitely be helpful for you.

Marmala Waterfall Kottayam Overview

LocationErattupetta, Kottayam district, Kerala
Entry FeeN/A
Timing24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMonsoon Season
Nearest Bus StopErattupetta Bus Stand (13 km)
Nearest Railway StationEttumanur (42 Km)
Nearest AirportCochin International Airport (91 km)
Famous ForWaterfall, Natural Beauty, Adventure
Nearby AttractionsEcho Point, Vagamon Lake, Thangalpara

The Marmala Waterfalls, often known as the “illusionist of the bush,” are a few kilometers beyond Erattupetta in Kottayam and are situated within a small rubber plantation. The spotless, pure waters, falling from a 200-foot elevation, cast a misty halo around them.

The enticing waterfalls cascade into a 12-foot lagoon before flowing into the Teekoy River. The pure cascading rivers provide an unparalleled view as they tumble over hillsides covered with wooded forests. The area requires a little climb up the mountain and is somewhat hidden by tall plants and blue slopes.

Interesting Facts about Marmala Falls Kottayam

  1. Several people who reside around the waterfall frequently visit this area to unwind and spend quality time with their families.
  2. The waterfall could lure you if you visit the nearby tourist sites.
  3. Tourists can benefit from the waterfall’s closeness to various important cities.
  4. You’ll fall in love with this place because of the stunning view.
  5. The waterfall trek provides magnificent views of nature.

Things to Do at Marmalade Waterfall

Marmala Waterfall

1. Trekking

The best part about visiting any waterfall is that you’ll get plenty of things to enjoy, and trekking is one of them. This is the ideal location for all trekking enthusiasts who enjoy working out while visiting various beautiful locations.

2. Bathing

The water of the fall is pure, and people love to take a bath at this waterfall. The majority of the people who live nearby frequently visit this location on weekends to enjoy a cool and pleasant bathing experience.

4. Picnic

This place is most famous as a picnic spot. Because of this greenery and beautiful environment, people love to visit this place with family and friends for a get-together.

How to Reach Marmala Waterfalls Kottayam

Marmala Waterfall trek

1. By Road

The waterfall is only 45 kilometers away from Kottayam. All you need to do is book a cab or bus to reach the waterfall.

2. By Train

Ettumanur Railway Station is nearest to the waterfall which is only 42 km from the waterfall. Just book your ticket to Ettumanur, and from there, you’ll find plenty of ways to reach there.

3. By Air

Cochin International Airport is the nearest to the Marmala waterfall. Just book a flight ticket, and outside the airport, you’ll find various ways of reaching the waterfall.

Nearby Tourist Attractions to Marmala Waterfall

Marmala Waterfalls

1. Echo Point

Echo Point is a lookout in Vagamon, Kerala, and is located 6 kilometers from Vagamon Bus Stop. It is among the well-liked viewpoint spots in Vagamo and is situated on the route to Kurisumala.

You may enjoy the chilly atmosphere while enjoying a hot drink among the plethora of tea shops or eateries in the small, tranquil hill village of Vagamon. The town takes pride in having several locations from which you may see the stunning valleys that enclose the highlands.

2. Vagamon Lake

The Vagamon Valley has the lovely Vagamon Lake, which is surrounded by lush greenery and verdant green tea farms. It is a well-known tourist destination with beautiful surroundings that draws many visitors as part of Vagamon vacation packages.

Additionally, the hills that surround it are covered in a carpet of lustrous green grass that is always flowering with bright flowers. Picnics and leisurely excursions to the lake are very popular.

As the area around the lake provides tranquility unlike anywhere else, it also serves as the perfect location for photographers and those who enjoy their alone time.

3. Vagamon Pine Forest

Huge areas of the Vagamon Pine Forest are home to tall pine trees that thrive on rocky hillsides. It is an artificial forest that was built during the British rule of India and still survives now, providing a stunning view of the picturesque Vagamon Valley.

The Vagamon Pine Wood, which towers above the lowlands and meadows, is a well-known and favorite site for movies due to its grandeur. A must-see location in Vagamon as well as a haven for nature enthusiasts is the Vagamon Pine Forest.

4. Thangalpara

Thangalpara, a picturesque destination at an elevation of 2500 m, is well-known for the unusual rocky outcrop on the summit of Thanga Hill.

The grave of Sheikh Fariduddin, an Afghan Sufi saint who resided on the hill until he passed away around eight centuries ago, is housed in this enormous spherical geological structure at the summit of the rocky hill.

It is thought that the massive rock formation in this location was once a little stone that the saint used as a grinding pan, but it developed significantly after his passing.

5. Suicide Point

In one of the many tea shops or restaurants in the little Vagamon town, you may take in the cool air while sipping hot tea. The town takes pride in having several locations from which you can see the stunning valleys that enclose the highlands.

A brief Vagamon Suicide Peak is one such breathtaking natural overlook with a steep valley following. One of Vagamon’s most picturesque spots is this V-shaped ravine. You may obtain beautiful views of the mountains and valleys from here, as well as take in the clean air and gentle wind.

Best Time to Visit Marmala Waterfall Kottayam

The ideal time to visit Marmala Waterfall is during the earliest rainfall, despite the fact that the location may hypnotize you throughout the entire year. The area comes alive with the start of the rainy season when rainstorms bring out the picturesque scenery in all its grandeur and splendor.

Travel Tips

  1. Because the road is slick and difficult to travel on at night, it is best to view the waterfalls throughout the day and leave before nightfall.
  2. It might be quite risky to hike down the waterfalls at night.
  3. Bring some food and a water bottle with you because the 7-kilometer radius has no stores.
  4. Supportive footwear is a must for freedom of movement.
  5. In case of an emergency, keep a first-aid kit on hand.

Conclusion – Marmala Waterfall Kottayam

Visitors must journey into the midst of the property and negotiate the treacherous, rocky route in order to reach its beauty. It is situated amidst the abundance of nature on an exclusive rubber estate. The waterfall is a jewel in the area due to the magnificence of the luxuriant flora and crystal-clear waters.

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