14 Most Famous Treks in Maharashtra to Visit in 2023

In this travel guide, we have mentioned the 14 most famous treks in Maharashtra that every adventure lover must visit in 2022.

Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular area of India involving a significant piece of the Deccan Plateau. Maharashtra is the second-most populous state in India and the third-largest state in India.

Maharashtra with a total area of 307,713 km2 (118,809 sq mi), is the third-biggest state by region regarding the land region and comprises 9.36 percent of India’s complete geological region. It possesses the western and focal piece of the nation and has alongshore extended 720 kilometers along the Arabian Sea.

The prevailing actual component of the state is its level person, which is isolated from the Konkan shoreline by the mountain scope of the Western Ghats, which runs lined up with the coast from north to south. The Western Ghats, otherwise called the Sahyadri Range, has a typical rise of 1,200 meters (4,000 ft); its inclines delicately diving towards the east and southeast.

The Western Ghats (or the Sahyadri Mountain range) give an actual boundary to the state on the west, while the Satpura Hills along the north and Bhamragad-Chiroli-Gaikhuri range on the east act as its regular borders. This state’s measurement from North to South is 700 km and East to West is 800 km. 

Since it has a lot of mountains, Maharashtra is the home to the world’s most dangerous treks and forts. Here we have a list of the best and the most adventurous treks of Maharashtra. 

Before diving into deep, let’s have a quick look at the most famous treks in Maharashtra along with their location.

Popular Treks in MaharashtraLocation
Lingana Fort journeyRaigad
Alang, Madan, Kulang Fort TrekNashik
Salher Fort TrekNashik
Harishchandragad TrekNashik
Dhak Bahiri Caves TrekPune
Kalsubai Peak TrekPune
Tailbaila Trek-PunePune 
Kalavantin Durg TrekRaigad
Harihar Fort TrekNashik
Dhodap Fort TrekNashik
Jivdhan Fort TrekPune
Bhairavgad TrekAhmednagar
Rajgad Trek Pune 
Vasota Jungle TrekSatara

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Here are the Most Famous Treks in Maharashtra

1. Lingana Fort journey

lingana fort trek
Lingana Fort journey

Lingana is a gigantic apex 30 km away from Mahad, Raigad. If you want to do specialized climbing, rappelling, and stroll through thick woods then this trek is the best trek for you. This is what makes Lingana fortress journey one of the most troublesome trips in Maharashtra. To begin the Lingana journey, you have to slip for just about 2-3 hours to arrive at the base point. Then you can begin the genuine ascension to the top. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had built the Lingana fort. There were steps sliced in the stones to go to the post. Yet, it’s annihilated at this point. That is the reason Lingana fort is practically blocked off. Just experienced adventurers pick the Lingana stronghold trip. Therefore, it is advised to use proper safety gear and to complete the trek under the guidance of an experienced trekker. 

  • Location: Raigad 
  • Best time to Visit: February to April 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 195 Kms 

2. Alang, Madan, Kulang Fort Trek 

kulang fort trek
Alang, Madan, Kulang Fort Trek

Alang, Madan, and Kulang are the three back-to-back posts in Nashik District and they are 22 km away from Igatpuri, Maharashtra. The journey to these posts is known as the AMK journey. There are 2 distinct courses accessible to go to Alang post. It will require 8-9 hours to climb the Alang stronghold. 

There is consumable water available at the top of the hill. Additionally, there are two caverns on the posts which can oblige just about 50 individuals. It is suggested to bring your own food since there is no availability of restaurants or food stalls. It is again advised to visit Alang strongholds just with experienced travelers or with master journey coordinators. 

  • Location: Nashik 
  • Best time to Visit: March to May 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 140 Kms 

3. Salher Fort Trek 

salher fort trek
Salher Fort Trek 

Salher post is among the tallest forts in Maharashtra and the second most noteworthy top after the Kalsubai top. It is suggested to make a night visit to the Salher fort. This will make you understand the energy and the power of a gigantic Sahyadri range. There are rock-sliced advances and pathways to reach the highest point of the post. 

  • Location: Nashik 
  • Best time to Visit: April to July 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 280 Kms 

4. Harishchandragad Trek 

harishchandragad trek
Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad journey is very famous among travelers. There are numerous value-seeking points on the post. You might have found out about Kokankada. It’s a precipice looking towards the west side for example Kokan. That is the reason for the name. Travelers get spectacular and fabulous views from the peak. 

There are 2-3 methods for arriving at this fortress. Harishchandragad journey through Nalichi is considered the most troublesome way. There are many Caves on Harishchandragad where you can go through the evening. A considerable lot of the caverns are as yet unseen, so the very best for your undertakings campaign.

It is also prescribed to go through a night on the fort to partake in the wonderful nightfall and dawn. Harishchandrgad is very much associated with significant urban communities. Remember to take your camera alongside you on the grounds that the photos will be marvelous. 

  • Location: Nashik 
  • Best time to Visit: October to December 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 101 Kms 

5. Dhak Bahiri Caves Trek

dhak bahiri caves trek
Dhak Bahiri Caves Trek

Dhak Bahiri cave’s journey is one of the troublesome trips close to Pune. It is around 68km from Pune city. The name Dhak Bahiri is propelled by the God Bahiri. This is one of the difficult treks in India as the need might arise to climb utilizing the rope on an upward stone. There is conveniently accessible in the caverns for 15-20 individuals for the short-term camp. 

  • Location: Pune 
  • Best time to Visit: October to December 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 120 Kms

6. Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai is the most noteworthy top in Maharashtra with a height of 1646m. There are two unique courses to go on this journey. The pinnacle is around 880m high from the base. You can pick the famous course that begins from the base town of Bari. This course is all around kept up with and there are metal stepping stools at the bluffs and vertical slants. 

Kalsubai’s top trip is perhaps the hardest journey in Maharashtra. It’s a one-day journey and you will get astounding perspectives on delectable green grass and various cascades. 

  • Location: Pune 
  • Best time to Visit: March to May 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 160 Kms 

7. Tailbaila Trek-Pune 

Tail and Bail are the names of two divider-like designs at TailBaila. You can understand the trouble of the TailBaila journey by simply checking it out. Ordinary adventurers can go effectively up to the midway. They can rest there for some time. For the further trip, travelers really have to climb the upward stone. Just master rock climbers can do this trip. TailBaila’s journey is just about a 90-degree vertical ascension which makes it probably the hardest trip in Maharashtra. 

TailBaila is around 100 km away from Pune. It is one of the most difficult journeys in Maharashtra so there will be fewer groups on the TailBaila journey. You can request the neighborhood locals for the food or bring your own. There are other worth-seeing spots close by like Sudhagad, Ghangad, and Thanale Buddhist Caves. 

  • Location: Pune 
  • Best time to Visit: July to October 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 115 Kms 

8. Kalavantin Durg Trek 

Kalavantin Durg worked alongside neighboring stronghold Prabalgad for the Queen named Kalavantin. Despite the fact that there is no fort on the Kalavantin Durg. Watching out for the encompassing area is utilized. It’s a monstrous zenith and the stone-cut advances will take you as far as possible up to the culmination. The view from Kalavantin Durg is astonishing. In spite of the fact that it is one of the most troublesome trips, it’s a well-known traveling place in Maharashtra. 

It is advisable to go on workdays for this trip. There is no more space on the highest point so staying away from the crowd is better 100% of the time. You can’t convey plastic sacks or jugs on the trip. Neighborhood specialists have severe guidelines for the Kalavantin Durg journey. For the well-being of the travelers and to keep away from mishaps, they close Kalavantin Durg from 5 pm till 6 am the next day. 

  • Location: Raigad 
  • Best time to Visit: March to May
  • Distance from Mumbai: 50 Kms 

9. Harihar Fort Trek 

Harihar Fort, otherwise called Harshagad is at the height of 1120m. If one wants to utilize rock-cut strides, this trek is the best one for them. These means are so tight at certain spots that only each individual can move in turn. There are two unique courses to go to the Harihar stronghold. The course beginning from Harshewadi is more straightforward than the Nirgudpada course. The way to the Harihar fort is all around as lovely as the perspectives from the top. 

Harihar fortress is around 40 km away from Nashik. You can finish this trip soon. You will get astonishing views of the Sahyadri mountain range from the top. Regardless of whether it’s one of the troublesome journeys, the Harihar stronghold trip ought to be on your traveling list. 

  • Location: Nashik 
  • Best time to Visit: March to May 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 160 Kms 

10. Dhodap Fort Trek 

Dhodap post is the second tallest stronghold in Maharashtra after Salher fort. It is the third most elevated top in Maharashtra after the Kalsubai top and Salher. Dhodap fort is around 75 km from Nashik. This fort is effectively conspicuous due to its exceptional designs. 

You can begin the trip from the base town of Dhodambe. There are many caverns in the fort. Convey an adequate measure of water with you before the journey. You can oblige yourself at the base town. Food can be made available by the locals who are very helpful in nature. 

  • Location: Nashik 
  • Best time to Visit: February to April 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 240 Kms 

11. Jivdhan Fort Trek 

Jivdhan post/Jeevdhan stronghold is in Junnar Taluka in the Pune area. This fort likewise has rock-cut advances. There are many befuddling wild ways to reach this fortress. You really want climbing gears and legitimate information for the Jivdhan post journey. For that reason, Jivdhan Fort journey is one of the most troublesome trips in Maharashtra. 

There are numerous neglected stockpiling puts on the strongholds. You will likewise find storage and water tanks on the post. There is an enormous zenith next to the Jivdhan fort. You can see many forts, for example, Harishchandragad, Chavaand, Ratangad, Naneghat, and Hadsar fortress from the top of the Jivdhan stronghold. 

  • Location: Pune 
  • Best time to Visit: October to January
  • Distance from Mumbai: 160 Kms 

12. Bhairavgad Trek 

There are many posts in Maharashtra that have the name Bhairavgad. Out of which Bhairavgad in the Ahmednagar area is the most difficult post. Bhairavgad is encircled by a thick timberland region and it is a piece of the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The course of Bhairavgad is one of the hardest treks in India. There is a deep-rooted climbing course accessible at this point. You should do this journey under the direction of specialists. There are many water tanks and two caverns present on the highest point of the stronghold. Convey more than adequate measures of food and water with you for this journey. 

  • Location: Ahmednagar 
  • Best time to Visit: November to February 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 115 Kms 

13. Rajgad Trek 

Rajgad Fort is around 59 km away from Pune. It was the previous capital of the Maratha Empire, later it moved to the Raigad. Rajgad is a tremendous post and can not be investigated in a day. One would really have to begin the journey ahead of schedule in the morning. There are 3-4 courses accessible for the Rajgad journey. 

The best chance to visit the Rajgad is during the storm season. You can remain for the time being on the post in Padmavati sanctuary. There is sufficient room for a limit of 50 individuals. Sinhagad and Torna fortresses are apparent from the Rajgad stronghold. 

  • Location: Pune 
  • Best time to Visit: October to January 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 160 Kms 

14. Vasota Jungle Trek 

Vasota fortress is close to Bamnoli town around 70 km from Satara. It is encircled by Shivsagar lake, which makes it perhaps the most challenging trip in Maharashtra. You really want to arrive at the beginning stage of the journey by boat. Then there is strolling through the thick timberland. Because of its regular safeguard framework, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renamed the fort as Vyaghragad (Tiger’s stronghold). 

Vasota Jungle journey is one of its kind insights and you should visit this trip for astonishing traveling recollections. 

  • Location: Satara 
  • Best time to Visit: October to January 
  • Distance from Mumbai: 292 Kms


These are the most famous treks in Maharashtra that are worth visiting for not only travelers but also who often avoid traveling. These treks will make you mentally strong, teaches you many life lessons, give you an opportunity to explore nature closely, and help you to leave your comfort zone.

I hope this travel guide might have helped you. If you found this blog post informative and helpful, you can share it to appreciate our efforts.

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