Nanda Devi Temple Almora Travel Guide (2023) – Location, Timings, & How to Reach

This is a travel guide to Nanda Devi Temple, Almora, so if you are planning to visit there, this blog post will definitely be helpful for you.

Nanda Devi Temple Almora Overview

LocationAlmora, Uttarakhand
Elevation1604 m
Dedicated ToGoddess Nanda
Built In11th Century
Built ByChand Rajas
Temperature5°C – 25°C
Timing6 am – 10 pm
Best Time To VisitMar, Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov
Distance from Dehradun350 km
Nearby AttractionsMilam Glacier, Kalpeshwar, Roopkund, Shaildhar Tapovam

The shrine is dedicated to Nanda Devi, the protector deity of the Chand Kingdom which is among the most popular sacred sites of Uttarakhand. She is revered as the vanquisher of evil. The Kumaoni-style Nanda Devi temple was constructed in the eleventh century.

A huge statue of the Devi Nanda is placed with a hardwood dome surrounding it and a stone crown. Magnificent stone sculptures of multiple life-size figures adorn the neighboring walls.

The Nanda Devi shrine is well-known throughout Uttarakhand, not just among the Kumauni people. The Kumaon Highlands and the mountains of far Nepal are home to countless Nanda Devi holy sites honoring the deity Parvati as the baby girl of the mountains.

The Nanda Mata Exhibition, which takes place annually in September, is what makes the shrine most well-known. This five-day celebration, which is complemented by ferocious dances and drum pounding, draws visitors from all across the nation to Almora.

Nanda Devi Temple Almora History

Perhaps one of Almora’s most significant mandirs, the Nanda Devi Shrine, dates back more than a thousand years. The temple is dedicated to Mata Nanda Devi, the Chand empire’s patron goddess.

Many locals have unwavering confidence in Nanda Devi Temple, which is housed in the lobby of a Shiva complex. A magnificent structure with a marble amalaka, or tiara, enclosed by a wooden dome can be found in the Nanda Devi Temple.

Pictures and figures have been beautifully etched onto the temple walls. The stone sculptures have been finished, and they are really stunning and nearly lifelike.

Nanda Devi Temple Almora Architecture

The statue of the deity Nanda within the temple is a sizable structure with a rock crown enclosed by a wooden dome. The rock carvings of divinities and deities on the temple wall are an intriguing feature to note.

The temple is decked out to seem like a married bride, and throughout the fair, it comes alive with joy and cultural activities. Many of the village’s artisans import numerous handcrafted goods and garments for sale from other regions of the nation.

To demonstrate live theater, many neighborhood artists and schoolchildren congregate here. The temple experiences a singular blend of heritage, devotion, philosophy, calm, and recreational activities all at once.

Facts about Nanda Devi Temple Almora

  1. Almora’s Nanda Devi Shrine is situated 500 meters from Almora Transit Station, over Mall Road.
  2. It is among the most well-known and revered shrines in the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand.
  3. Inside the premises of a Shiva shrine, the Nanda Devi shrine was constructed in the eleventh century in Kumaoni architecture.
  4. The enormous statue representing the deity Nanda has a hardwood dome that is encircled by a marble crown.
  5. The adjacent walls are decorated with elaborate ancient ruins of numerous life-size sculptures.
  6. The Nanda Devi Festival, which actually occurs annually in September, is the mandir’s most well-known event.
  7. This five-day celebration, which features energized performances and drum rhythms, draws visitors from all across the nation to Almora.
  8. Not just amongst the Kumauni community but also across Uttarakhand, Nanda Devi Mandir is well-known.

Nanda Devi Temple Almora Timings

The Nanda Devi Mandir in Almora is devoted to Parvati, a goddess, and the Kumauni women’s daughter. The most well-known holiday in the region is Nanda Devi Raj Jat, which takes place every 12 years.

During this festival, Devi Nanda is transported to her residence on Trishul Mountain in the guise of a sheep that has been decked with jewelry, nourishment, and clothes.

The temple is open all day for the devotees of Nanda Devi so that they can worship her all the time.

Weather at Nanda Devi Temple, Almora

Nanda Devi Nature Reserve has a unique climate because it is located at a high altitude. The area continues to be covered in snowfall for 6 months out of the year.

The region experiences dry weather the remainder of the year, but with significant precipitation from June to August.

How to Visit Nanda Devi Temple, Almora

Almora may be explored all year round because of its consistently nice weather. But it is recommended that you visit the shrine here between the months of April and June, as well as from September until November if you wish to view the natural splendor.

1. By Road

The Nanda Devi shrine is appealingly positioned in Almora city’s surrounding natural area. One must begin their journey from ISBT Ananda Vihar in New Delhi and then board a bus to Almora in order to go to this temple. The shrine is just a short stroll from Almora’s Mall Road.

2. By Train

The closest train station to Almora is Kathgodam, which is situated around 82 kilometers away. The Kathgodam train station has excellent connections with Delhi, Kolkata, as well as Lucknow, among other major Indian towns.

There are several trains that stop in Kathgodam, and from there it is simple to take a vehicle or a cab to Almora.

3. By Air

The closest airport is Pantnagar airport, which is situated 116 kilometers away from Almora. You can easily find public transport like a bus or taxi there and thus, you can get to Almora and ultimately to Nanda Devi Mandir.

Places to Visit around Nanda Devi Mandir, Almora

1. Milam Glacier

Your journey will not be completed without hiking at the Milan Glacier, among the most breathtaking locations in this protected area. The location of the mountains and the road, both unique and enthralling, are only 60 kilometers beyond Munsiyari.

2. Kalpeshwar

Since it is significant to Hinduism, Nanda Devi Nature Reserve is very well-known. This is due to the fact that Kalpeshwar is revered as Lord Shiva’s sacred residence, and his shrine is always accessible to worshippers.

3. Roopkund

Roopkund Lake is perhaps the most fascinating location to explore while at Nanda Devi Nature Reserve. Many tales and legends revolve around this body of water because countless bones are discovered drifting on it whenever the water in this glacier lake evaporates.

4. Shaildhar Tapovam

It is impossible to explore Nanda Devi National Monument without making your way to Shaildhar Tapovan, a tranquil region. It is a sleepy, charming small town that is well-known for its thermal baths and beautiful surroundings.

Why is Nanda Devi Temple famous?

The Chand Rajas constructed the Nanda Devi Temple. Locals highly adore the deity’s idol, which is housed in the entranceway of a Shiva shrine. Every September, thousands of people gather at this shrine again for Nanda Devi Carnival, a five-day extravaganza of pageantry bringing Almora to life.

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