Palani Waterfall Patratu – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Palani Waterfall Patratu, Jharkhand. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, maps, etc useful information that will make your journey much easier.

Palani Waterfall Patratu Overview

LocationPatratu, Ramgarh district, Jharkhand
Entry FeeN/A
Timing24 Hours
Best Time to VisitJun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Nearest TownPatratu (8 km)
Nearest Railway StationPatratu Railway Station (10 km)
Nearest AirportBirsa Munda Airport (48 km)
Famous ForSightseeing, Picnic, Adventure
Nearby AttractionsDalmi, Shakti Mandir, Parwat Vihar Park,

This fall is a well-kept secret close to Patratu, Jharkhand. It is ideal for nature enthusiasts and is in a great location. Vehicles are only capable of traveling up to 500 meters from the fall; after that, one must hike to get close to the fall.

There are few places to eat and drink, and there are no motels close to the Palani fall. It is a modest, undiscovered, and lovely fall where families can spend time together.

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Interesting Facts about Palani Waterfall Patratu

  • Visitors can cool down in the pool that formed naturally beneath the Palani falls. 
  • Visitors come here to take in the picturesque splendor of the area. 
  • You will be in awe as you watch water flow from the peak of the falls during the monsoon season. Water is flowing with a powerful force. 
  • The ground floor can see the amazing collapse.

Things to do at Palani Waterfalls Patratu 

Palani Waterfall

1. Sightseeing 

There is simply nothing else like it in the world in terms of the visual and aural impact of all this falling water. Because of how beautiful the densely forested jungle surroundings are, you will not soon forget this wonderful experience.

2. Picnic

Visit this waterfall, a wonderful destination for a family day trip that gives beautiful views of the surrounding bushes and a nice spot for a picnic.

3. Exploring the surroundings 

The stunning Palani waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, powerful hills, and meandering rivers. You can stroll across the stunning region near the waterfalls.

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How to Reach Palani Waterfalls 

way to Palani falls

1. By Road 

Patratu is the nearest town to the Palani falls which is around 8 km from the location of the waterfall. Patratu is well connected to the major cities of the states like Ranchi, Mandar, Rajrappa, Dhanbad, etc.

2. By Rail

The closest rail station to Palani Waterfalls is Patratu Railway Station which is around 10 km from the location of the waterfalls. To get to this destination, use a taxi that you can easily find outside of the station.

3. By Air 

The waterfalls do not have good access to other significant cities in the nation by routine flights. The Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi is the closest airport to the Palani waterfalls.

Tourist places in the neighborhood 

Palani Waterfalls

1. Dalmi

In Dalmi (aka Diapur Dalmi), you may find many remnants of old temples as well as paintings of gods like Shiva, Durga, Ganesha, and Nandi.

It is situated on the Subarnarekha River’s riverbed. Relics from the Jain and Buddhist faiths can be found in the area’s extreme northern corner.

2. Shakti Mandir

In the heart of Dhanbad, you’ll find the Shakti Mandir. The temple was built with Goddess Durga, also known as Goddess Shakti, in mind; as a result, the Mandir was given that name.

The Mandir is located on Joraphatak Road in Dhanbad. The Akhand Jyoti at the Mandir was taken from Vaishno Devi. 

3. Parwat Vihar Park

It only takes 5 kilometers to travel from Parwat Vihar Park to Jamtara Railway Station. Mostly kids flock here to have fun. The spectacular dawn and sunset may be seen.

4. Parasnath Hill

The Parasnath Hills are a group of hills in the Giridih District in the Indian state of Jharkhand. The highest point is 1350 meters above sea level.

This hill’s name was derived from that of the 23rd Tirthankara. Another name for the Parasnath Hills is Shri Sammet Shikhar Teerth. 

5. Rajrappa

The “Chinnamasta Temple” is known to be present in this location. It is situated on the river bottom at the spot, where two streams namely Bhairavi & Damodar.

The title of this place was taken from the temple known as “Rajrappa Mandir,” which is set against a stunning backdrop of opulent greenery.

6. Maithan

A reservoir on the Damodar River is a well-liked tourist destination. The location attracts thousands of visitors each year, all of whom leave happy. It is a place that one should not skip visiting.

The tourist appreciates the area’s beautiful splendor and the refreshing breeze. The tourists are spellbound by the views of the sunrise and sunset. 

7. Nehru Park

A lovely park next to the Damodar River that offers visitors boating and natural splendor. A melodic fountain with lighting is another feature that adds to the park’s charm.

In addition to providing entertainment, parks often provide refreshments. The vacationers’ minds are refreshed by it.

8. Churulia

Churulia is a tiny community only 17 kilometers from Asansol. The primary reason for its fame is that it is the location of the great Indian artist Kaji Nazrul Islam’s birth.

The current name of Nazrul’s home is Nazrul Academy, where a variety of Nazrul manuscripts, his medals earned during his lifetime, and many of his well-known works may be found.

Best Time to Visit Palani Waterfalls Patratu 

It is best to see this waterfall during the monsoon season, which spans from June to December. It is best to avoid approaching the location in July, which is the beginning of the rainy season.

The month that receives the most precipitation is July. However, the area enjoys a comfortable environment all year long.

Travel Tips 

  • Go as early in the day as you can to largely enjoy the waterfalls to yourself. 
  • If you’re feeling active, consider hiking to the waterfalls, which will improve the waters and the swim and allow you greater flexibility to set stops along the way. 
  • Bring a swimsuit, towel, dry bag, sunscreen, and walking sandals so you can explore the area. If you enjoy nature exploration, allow two hours. 
  • Bring some food and drinks with you. The finest technique to extend a visit and make it exciting as you like.
  • It is always advised to wear cozy, secure, and grippy shoes because the area and circumstances of cascades are frequently very slick. 
  • Carry a bag to store all of the food and other supplies that are left over. 
  • Do not discard garbage, such as paper or food leftovers, next to waterfalls. 
  • Be attentive and responsible when enjoying the cascades.


Awe-inspiring waterfalls that fall from the sky are a common sight. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing waterfalls run like tiny springs in the summer and flow down in the monsoon season? This river of water meandering through the forest may warm the body and the soul. It is therefore the ideal waterfall for tourists to appreciate and experience the adventure there.

Map of Palani Waterfalls Patratu