8 Best Places For Kazakhstan Nightlife – Best Bars & Nightclubs (2023)

In this travel guide, you will get acquainted with the 8 most popular places for Kazakhstan Nightlife that are worth experiencing.

If you’re looking for a vacation full of adventure, consider spending some time in Kazakhstan. In terms of nightlife and nature, this country has a lot to offer.

It is referred to as the “pearl of Central Asia” because of its excellent shape. Late-night visits to nightclubs are the best ways to experience Kazakhstan’s vibrant nightlife. 

It is possible to combine clubbing and gaming in order to achieve the ultimate sophistication. The more entertaining your travel journal is, the better.

Your trip will be more exciting and memorable if you enjoy the country’s vibrant nightlife as well as its stunning natural scenery.

Are you in hurry? Let’s have a quick look at the best nightclubs in Kazakhstan along with their location.

Best Night Clubs in KazakhstanLocation
Territory Of The United BarsCenter of Almaty, Kazakhstan
The Sky Bar StreetAlmaty 050000, Kazakhstan
ChukotkaAlmaty 050021, Kazakhstan
Gan BeiNur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan
VzletnayaAlmaty, Kazakhstan.
Friday ClubAlmaty 050004, Kazakhstan
Ooh ChicAlmaty, Kazakhstan
Cuban musicAlmaty, Kazakhstan

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Best Places For Kazakhstan Nightlife

So, here is a list of the nightlife in Kazakhstan that you can use to plan your trip. If you go to Kazakhstan, don’t miss these 8 places to party.

1. Territory Of The United Bars

If you visit Almaty, don’t forget to explore this is Kazakhstan’s most popular and well-known bar, and it’s a great place to hang out with your crazy friends and try some of the drinks that will make your mouth water the most. 

territory of the united bars
Territory Of The United Bars

This place is a great place to enjoy Kazakhstan’s nightlife because it has three different rooms on its two floors. Each room plays a different kind of music. There is also a small terrace for people who want to smoke.

The atmosphere is very freeing and lively, which will automatically make you feel better. If you go to Kazakhstan don’t forget to go to this bar.

Location: center of Almaty, Kazakhstan

2. The Sky Bar Street

Visiting this nightlife hotspot is a must if you want to get a taste of Kazakhstan’s vibrant nightlife. Summer is the only time of year when this location is accessible. it’s the best place to experience Kazakhstani nightlife.

Entry to Sky Bar Street is strictly restricted to those who are at least 20 years old. 

the sky bar street
The Sky Bar Street

The busiest days of the week, like Friday and Saturday, are the best times to visit if you want to get the most out of your time.

As the blaring beats of hip-hop music, flashing lights, and your group’s zany dance moves fill the room. There are a few tourist attractions in Almaty that you should definitely explore.

Location: Zheltoksan St 142, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

3. Chukotka

In addition to Kazakhs, a large number of tourists from other countries flock to Chukotka because of its well-deserved reputation as a welcoming travel destination.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the costs because the company works hard to provide excellent customer service at reasonable prices. 


There’s a major dance club on the first floor that features both live and DJ renditions of top 40 music, and a café on the second floor that’s perfect for a quiet evening.

It’s possible to have a great time with your friends and family in Chukotka.

Location: Gogol St 40, Almaty 050021, Kazakhstan

4. Gan Bei

Gan Bei is one of the best bars for nightlife in Kazakhstan. Gan Bei plays a lot of great hip-hop music to get you moving like there’s no tomorrow.

The main room has a big bar in the middle, which makes it feel like home.

gan bei
Gan Bei

This great club only hires the best waiters and bartenders to make sure you have the time of your life and make memories with your closest friends.

If you go to Kazakhstan then don’t forget to go to Gan Bei. The city’s wealthy people go to Gan Bei because it’s more expensive than most of the city’s other bars.

Location: Sarayshyq, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan

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5. Vzletnaya

If you never get tired of clubs, Vzletnaya is the best place to go out at night in Almaty, Kazakhstan. You can get into this beautiful club through a secret door. At the main entrance, a worker whose job it is to check people in will meet you.


This club doesn’t close until 11 in the morning, but until then, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven because of how exciting and enticing the atmosphere is.

So, don’t wait any longer. Get ready to go and have fun at Vzletnaya. Vzletnaya is one of the most famous nightclubs in Kazakhstan.

Location: Nightclub in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

6. Friday Club

The Friday Club is in the basement of the Esperanza complex. It is a treat for your eyes and ears because it has a great atmosphere and loud music.

The entrance fee also includes a big beer, so you can feel like you’re on top of the world and forget about everything else and just enjoy the moment. 

friday club
Friday Club

This place is a great mix of music, people talking, and dancing, and you should also know some Kazakhstan nightlife tips to have a better time.

Most of the people who go to Friday Club are Kazakhs and Russians, and you can also find some beautiful dancers there.

Location: Seyfullin Avenue 481, Almaty 050004, Kazakhstan

7. Ooh Chic

This club is more popular and preferred by a large number of tourists from all over the world due to the wonderful taste of the wines as well as the fantastic crowd that frequents the establishment.

Are you the type of person who just wants to have a good time with your friends so that you can have a night that is memorable and exciting? 

ooh chic
 Ooh Chic

You need not continue your search because you have arrived at the location you were looking for, which is the Ooh Chic Club. This place is simple, but its style is beautiful. 

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

8. Cuban music 

Cuban music is performed live and is at its best at night. Cuban music is energetic when accompanied by instruments, and soulful when paired with Almaty’s dark nights.

A large number of tourists from around the world prefer this art over others because of the excellent sound and the fascinating people who listen to it.

Cuban Music 

Cuban Music is one of the best art for nightlife. Don’t let the communication barriers keep you from experiencing unique experiences.

Explore your options by visiting music centers and venues that feature Cuban music. This isn’t just any old music blasting from the speakers. 

Location: Irish pub, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan Nightlife Tips

  1. Make sure to go to enjoy the nightlife of Kazakhstan on weekends as they are only open on weekends.
  2. Not in every bar, but you can visit 95% of bars and nightclubs in Kazakhstan wearing shorts and sandals.
  3. Before leaving your hotel, make sure to bring your ID card.


Kazakhstan is known for giving people some of the memorial nights of their lives. This is because the country has a lot of lively clubs, bars, music, parties, and attractive people.

If you go to Kazakhstan don’t forget to go to Territory Of The United Bars, The Sky Bar Street, Chukotka, and Ooh Chic.

The best way to experience Kazakhstan’s lively nightlife is to go to nightclubs and bars late at night. Clubbing and gaming can be combined for the highest standard of quality.

The better your travel journal is, the more interesting it is. So here we have shown you the eight best places for Kazakhstan’s nightlife.

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FAQs – Best Night Clubs in Kazakhstan

1. What is Kazakhstan known for?

Kazakhstan is one of the most beautiful as well as technically advanced places in central Asia. There are lots of amazing places like museums, malls, religious sites, skyscrapers, national reservoirs, etc that are worth exploring.

2. When is the best time to visit Kazakhstan?

The best time to visit Kazakhstan is from July to September as at this time the weather is perfect to explore the country.

3. What is there to do in Kazakhstan?

There are uncountable things that you can do as well as experience in Kazakhstan. For example, you can explore Almaty, go to historical museums, experience nightlife, go to bars, go hiking, explore national parks, etc.

4. Does Kazakhstan have good nightlife?

Yes, Kazakhstan has good nightlife as you can enjoy party life with your friends as well as with strangers which will be a new experience for you.

5. Where in Kazakhstan has the best nightlife?

The country’s two main city – Almaty and Astana ( Nur-Sultan) has the best nightlife that you should definitely experience.

6. Is Kazakhstan safe at night?

Yes, Kazakhstan is safe at night also. CCTV cameras, Police and other guards can be easily seen at almost every corner of the city. Instead of it, you should always take precautions before going alone.

7. Is Kazakhstan safe for tourists?

Yes, Kazakhstan is completely safe for tourists.

8. Do people speak English in Kazakhstan?

Not so many, but few people speak English in Kazakhstan.

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