Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad – Complete Travel Guide (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad. Here, we’ve mentioned location, how to reach, things to do, nearby attractions, timing, tips, facts, etc travel related information.

Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad Overview

LocationAdilabad, Telangana
Entry feeFree
Timing6 AM – 6 PM
Best Time to VisitMonsoon & Post Monsoon Season
Nearest TownNirmal (37 km), Adilabad (47 km)
Nearest Railway StationAdilabad Train Station (51 km)
Nearest AirportHyderabad Airport (261 km)
Famous ForSightseeing, Adventure, Exploring Nature
Nearby AttractionsKadam Dam, Kadile Papahareshwar Temple, Kalwa Narsimha Swamy Temple, Kuntala Waterfalls, Kanakai Waterfalls, etc.

The Pochera waterfall is the deepest of all the waterfalls present in the state of Telangana. The waterfall is 37 km and 47 km away from Nirmal and Adilabad, respectively, which makes this place accessible to people visiting here.

The waterfall has an elevation of 20 meters, which makes it one of the tallest waterfalls in Telangana state. The melodies of Godavari’s pouring stream in the middle of verdant green trees draw tourists to the spectacular grandeur of the Pochera Cascades.

Little cascades slide through steep mountains and plunge 20 meters into a sizable crack in the stones that serve as a reservoir. Furthermore, the Godavari Riverbed rushes swiftly and widely, contributing to its beauty. The Pochera cascades are at their breathtaking peak in the wintertime.

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Interesting Facts about Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad

  1. The elevation of the Pochera waterfall is around 20 meters, which makes this fall one of the biggest waterfalls in the state.
  2. The little Godavari River tributaries that diverge as they cross the Sahyadri Mountainous Region are the waterfall’s primary origin.
  3. The area around the waterfall has a well-maintained park, which is a great experience for people visiting here.
  4. The water coming from the waterfall looks emerald green because of the granite rock bed.
  5. Due to the presence of dense forest around the waterfall, it is a great spot for tourists.

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Things to do at Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad

Pochera Waterfalls

There are several activities that one can do while visiting the Pochera waterfall. Pochera waterfall is well known for its natural beauty, tourists, and various activities done here, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Exploring Nature

Due to its presence in a dense forest, this place is loved by people who love to explore nature and learn more about it.

Biologists often visit places like Pochera Falls to learn more about the secrets of nature. This is one of the best things to do here.

2. Bathing

The greatest thing to do in this hot condition, which also has a lovely waterfall, is to take a cool bath to re-energize. Everyone should enjoy bathing at a sizable waterfall whose water is drawn from the hills.

It is advised to avoid going under the waterfall during the monsoon season due to the high water level and swift current. To relax and help them forget their worries, visitors to this place frequently go swimming in the waterfall’s water.

3. Picnic

Waterfalls, for example, make excellent picnic locations. People come here to relax and spend some time with their loved ones. While visiting this place, you can often see various family gatherings or a group of friends enjoying themselves during the weekends.

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How to Reach Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad

Pochera falls

1. By Road

The place is only 37 km away from Nirmal and 47 km away from Adilabad, which makes this place a great spot for tourists. There are even numerous roads to reach the fall.

2. By Train

The Adilabad train station is the one closest to the Pochera cascade which is 51 km away from the location of the waterfalls.

3. By Air

The Hyderabad airport is closest to the waterfall which is located 261 km away from the location of the Pochera waterfalls.

Tourist Attractions near Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera Waterfall

1. Kadam Dam

The Kadam Dam, which was built over the Kadam River, is situated where the Godavari and Kadam rivers converge.

The dam, commonly referred to first as Godavari North Canal Construction, is surrounded by vegetation and provides tourists with picturesque vistas. The train line between Secunderabad and Manmad makes it easy to reach the dam.

2. Kadile Papahareshwar Temple

According to the myth surrounding this shrine, Lord Parashurama, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, conducted devotion here.

After murdering his parents to atone for his crimes, he submitted to Lord Papahareshwar. The shrine is renowned for the Shiva lingam that’s also erected on its property.

3. Kalwa Narsimha Swamy Temple

One of the significant temples is Kalwa Narsimha Swamy Mandir, which is situated in the municipality of Koneru, close to Adilabad.

Visitors to this shrine indulge in Vana Bhojanam, the feasts that are provided to travelers who are seated beneath the tree.

You can also see a temple chariot that is pulling the god’s statue around the grounds of the shrine. In the area, a children’s playground is a popular destination for tourists.

4. Kuntala Waterfalls

The Kuntala Cascades, one of Telangana’s finest picturesque cascades, is surrounded by the stunning Sahyadri Range of mountains.

The Kadam riverbed, which is renowned for its beautiful woodlands, is where the waterfall gets its start.

The cascade is titled after Shakuntala, who is said to have found love with monarch Dushyanta just there, according to a tale.

5. Kanakai Waterfalls

The stunning Kanakai Cascades is a wonderful place to hike, and when you reach the summit of the cliff, you can have a fantastic panoramic look at the entire cascade and its surrounding surroundings.

The spectacular views of Kankai Cascades make it the ideal location for a break from your busy routine in the middle of the wilderness.

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Best Time to Visit Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera waterfalls are best visited during the monsoon or post-monsoon season. During these periods of the month, the beauty of this place is enhanced, and people love visiting it.

If you will visit this place during monsoon season, then you must take precautions and not go near the waterfall. The waterfall’s water level is quite high during the monsoon season, making this location somewhat dangerous.

During the winter season, the depth of the water is not much and the weather is cold, which makes this place the best place to visit. This location is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and there is no admission fee.

Travel Tips

  1. Since there are no stores close to the waterfall, you must carry some food and drink with you.
  2. You must be more careful if you are traveling with children since the water level may be high.
  3. To prevent accidents, put on shoes with strong traction.
  4. A first-aid kit should be brought along just in case.
  5. You should always have additional clothing with you if you intend to take a bath in the fall.


Pochera Waterfall is the ideal location to be if you intend to travel to Telangana. This cascade is distinctive since it is one of the tallest in the state. The location is easily accessible to everyone because of its good connectivity to major cities.

Map of Pochera Waterfalls