Rani Duduma Waterfalls – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Rani Duduma Waterfalls, Odisha. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, maps, etc useful information.

Rani Duduma Waterfalls Overview

LocationNandapur, Koraput district, Odisha
Entry FeeN/A
Opening Hour24 Hours
Best Time to VisitNov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar
Nearest TownSimiliguda (26 km)
Nearest Railway StationJeypore Railway Station (73 km)
Nearest AirportVisakhapatnam International Airport (166 km)
Famous ForSightseeing, picnicking, Unwinding, and Revitalizing
Nearby AttractionsJagannath Temple, Tribal Museum, Kolab Reservoir, Gudahandi Hills, etc.

Only 4 km separate Nandapur Village from Rani Duduma Waterfall, which is situated at the summit of Nandapur Hill in the Indian state of Odisha. It is around 26 kilometers from Semiliguda and 45 kilometers from Koraput Town. 

Thousands of tourists go to the waterfall, which is surrounded by lush and impenetrable trees. One of the finest locations to visit in Koraput District is Rani Duduma Fall, which is a popular tourist destination.

You must walk down the river for about 1 km to get to the waterfall. For winter photography, many visitors visit this location. 

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Interesting Facts about Rani Duduma Waterfall

  • According to G. Ramadas, the renowned Nanda dynasty of Magadha, which is said to have reigned over this region, gave the settlement its name.
  • There’s no doubt that the fall is spectacular and worth seeing. It is among the most stunning picnic locations in the area.
  •  By using local or public transportation services, you can get to Rani Duduma Waterfalls quickly.
  • One of the popular picnic areas in the area that is undiscovered by visitors from outside the area is this waterfall. In reality, the Koraput district is known as Orissa’s Switzerland.

Things to do at Rani Duduma Waterfalls

Rani Duduma falls

1. Sightseeing

It is an absolute must-see and the ideal location for dipping your toes in the water or simply treating your eyes to some spectacular visual attractions.

2. Picnic

It has gained popularity as a picnic spot and tourist attraction since the water is pouring from a height of around 30 feet.

3. Unwind and Revitalize

Research has shown that watching waterfalls has certain health advantages as well. Negative ions, which are prevalent in falls, tend to encourage serotonin release, which elevates our mood.

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How to Reach Rani Duduma Waterfalls

way to Rani Duduma Waterfalls

1. By Road

The Duduma waterfalls can be reached in two different ways. One travels from Jeypore to Lamptaput, and the other travels via Nandpur from Semiliguda to Lamptaput. It’s around 21 kilometers from Machkund. On the other hand, a preferable alternative for the trip is the Jeypore.

2. By Rail 

The nearest railway station to Rani Duduma Waterfalls is Jeypore Railway Station which would take around 1 hour and 50 minutes of journey. 

3. By Air

The nearest airport is Visakhapatnam International Airport from where you can opt for a road or rail journey towards Rani Duduma Waterfalls.

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Tourist Places around Rani Duduma Waterfalls

Rani Duduma Waterfall

1. Jagannath Temple

The Koraput town is home to this Jagannath temple. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath is this temple. It is a very beautiful temple with white architecture that is well-maintained and significant in history.

This location is quite serene, and the evening aarti will put you into a trance. From the temple, you can see the hills in the distance.

2. Tribal Museum

This is a fantastic location for tourists to come and learn about the Koraput tribes’ rich cultural history. You can see that the tribes created a lot of things by looking at their arts, crafts, dancing, and music.

The collection of items at this museum includes wooden items, terracotta sculptures, metal pictures, and sculptures made of stone.

3. Kolab Reservoir

About 20 kilometers from Joypore is where you’ll find the Kolab Reservoir. Additionally, you may observe a nice garden with a hydroelectric power plant here.

This location has a beautiful view of the hills and is perfect for boats and picnics.

4. Gudahandi Hills

The Gudahandi Hills are renowned for their old caverns with exquisite murals. By joining the hills in the north and south, a valley was created. In these hills, red slate stone caverns are regarded as natural caves.

With the exception of one in the north, all the caves in these hills are the same size. It is thought that the Indus Valley civilization is responsible for the writings and images found in these caves.

5. Matsya Tirth

The Matsya and Panchami pilgrimage sites are sacred locations where worshippers bathe to atone for their sins. It is situated along the Kumaradhara River.

Devotees take a dip in the Kumaradhara River on the festival of Panchami, which occurs every month.

6. Nandapur Town

A small town, Nandapur is 45 kilometers away from Koraput’s district. It is located 22 km from Semiliguda. Due to the items that scholars have found that relate to the location’s antiquity, it has a significant historical significance.

According to G. Ramadas, the renowned Nanda dynasty of Magadha, which is said to have reigned over this region, gave the settlement its name. By using local or public transportation services, you can get there quickly.

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Best Time to Visit Rani Duduma Waterfall

The best time to visit Rani Duduma Waterfalls is during winter as monsoons are really risky and make the visitors prone to accidents and illness. Further, a visit during summer would be very uncomfortable due to the heat and humidity. 

Travel Tips

  • Bring food and beverages just in case, as there are no shops close to the waterfalls.
  • If you feel like having a bath in the waterfalls, bring a spare set of clothing.
  • Always wear sturdy, comfortable shoes with high grip and traction because the terrain around waterfalls is typically quite slick.
  • Do not dispose of food scraps, paper, or other materials near the waterfalls; instead, carry bags to store all of your trash from food and other goods.
  • Be cautious and responsible while admiring the waterfalls.


The waterfalls at Rani Duduma are not an exception. Definitely lovely and well of a visit, the fall. It is among the most picturesque picnic activities in the area.

Spent some time here enjoying the peace and quiet away from the noise and smog of the metropolis. This waterfall is a well-known picnic destination in the area that is undiscovered by visitors from outside the area. In fact, the Koraput district is referred to as Orissa’s Switzerland.

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FAQs on Rani Duduma Waterfall

1. Where is Rani Duduma Waterfall situated?

Rani Duduma Waterfall is situated at the summit of Nandapur Hill. It is around 26 kilometers from Semiliguda and 45 kilometers from Koraput Town.

2. What is the best time to visit Rani Duduma Waterfall?

November to March is the best time to visit Rani Duduma Waterfall.

3. What are the nearby tourist attractions to Rani Duduma Waterfalls?

The nearby tourist attractions to Rani Duduma Waterfall are Jagannath Temple, Tribal Museum, Kolab Reservoir, Gudahandi Hills, Matsya Tirth, and Nandapur Town.

4. What is the distance between Bhubaneswar and Rani Duduma waterfall?

Jagannath Temple is around 487 km from Rani Duduma Waterfalls.

Map of Rani Duduma Waterfalls