Snow View Point in Nainital Travel Guide 2023 – Location, Things to Do, & How to Reach

This is a travel guide to Snow View Point in Nainital, so if you want to visit there, this blog might be helpful for you.

Basic Information about Snow View Point in Nainital

LocationMallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263001
Opening hours10 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Saturdays
Entry FeeFree
Nearest Bus StandTallital Bus Stand
Nearby AttractionsNainital Lake, Mall Road, Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Hindu Temple, etc.

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A gondola at Snow View Point, a beautiful hilltop location, leads to expansive views of the snow-covered Himalayan ranges. It is the place to go if you want to see snow-covered mountain summits emerge from the clouds, presenting various hues of sunshine and a mirror-like brilliance from a distance.

The Snow View Point, which is only 2 km from the heart of Nainital, provides tourists with a breathtaking view of the winter weather peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishul.

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Nainital is the Snow View Point, which lives up to its moniker and provides a beautiful view of such hilltops. This location is a doorway to the Great Himalayas’ icy valleys and mountains due to its elevation of 2,270 m.

You can see Nainital town and Naini Lake from a chopper if you look to the other end.

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History of Snow View Point in Nainital

There is a pair of huge binoculars installed by private organizations to get a full view of nature. For seeing the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot from one place, people used to visit this viewpoint.

According to its name, Snow View Point provides a view of the towering Himalayas draped in a magnificent layer of snow. From this vantage position, one can see all three of the Himalayas’ significant peaks: Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot.

To allow guests to have a better vantage point of the Himalayan mountains, the Snow View Tower also includes a sizable set of telescopes. An aerial funicular that runs between Snow Look Peak and Mall Road will take you to the vantage point.

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What to see & do at Snow View Point in Nainital

There are a plethora of things that you can do at this view Points. Some of them are as follows:

1. Fun Activities

You may indulge in various enjoyable activities after taking in the beautiful features of the snowcapped mountains. At the shooting booths placed close to the objective, Children may even win prizes and participate in other entertaining activities and attractions.

2. Amusement Park

Eventually, a brand-new adventure park opened for business. It is a roaring success for both children and grownups.

3. Monastery

Another must-see Tibetan monastery is Gadhan Kunkyop Ling Gompa, which is adjacent to Snow View Point.

4. Street Food

There are several kiosks offering Maggi in a variety of flavours, fresh coffee, chai, and hot chocolate. While enjoying these treats, take a seat on one of the many benches that are scattered across the area.

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Interesting facts about Snow View Point in Nainital

  1. At Snow View Point, there really are loads of entertaining things to do. Try your luck at the shooting game if you’re here. At Snowy Point, in particular, there are various shooting booths where both youngsters and adults enjoy showing off their shooting prowess. Try it out; it will only cost you Rs. 30 to wow them with your aiming prowess.
  2. It has now transformed into a family destination with fantastic activities and attractions for toddlers where they may win fantastic goods and rewards.
  3. The latest addition to the craze is the recently constructed entertainment venue. It is popular with both children and individuals who like to take little vacations from their hectic routines.
  4. You may take day trips to some of the neighbouring Nainital tourist hotspots, like Tiffin Top, Eco Cave Garden, and Naina Devi Mandir, or go canoeing on Naini Lake.
  5. From here, many seasoned shooters and social media apps like to capture stunning peaks in natural settings. Therefore, don’t neglect to bring your camera.
  6. Additionally, you can get some great photos taken of yourself wearing long Pahari garb.
  7. Treasures, overcoats, lamps, and clothing may all be purchased in the Bhotiya marketplace, which is a great place for shoppers.
  8. If you have the time, consider organising a trekking trip to Naina Peak, sometimes referred to as “Cheena Peak” by the locals. This worthwhile 7-kilometre hike may be finished in a single day and travels through thorny vegetation.

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Best Time to Visit Snow View Point in Nainital

The summertime in Nainital, which begins in mid-March, is the best time to explore Snow View Point since the conditions vary from a minimum of 10 °C to a maximum of 27 °C. You can see the Himalayas clearly and without obstruction since the sky is a vivid blue.

Beginning in September, the winters are marked by lows of 0 degrees Celsius and highs of 15 degrees Celsius. Despite the extremely cold weather, you will be fortunate to see the majestic Himalayas in all their majesty in crystal clear detail.

Due to the rain and overcast sky, the rainstorms aren’t the ideal time to enjoy the breathtaking vista from Snow View Point.

It would be better if you avoided going there throughout the monsoon season since there is constantly a chance of a collapse and the clouds make it difficult to see the snow-capped summits.

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How to visit Snow View Point in Nainital?

There are two ways to get to Snow View Point: by roadway and via overhead ropeway. The most convenient and popular way to get to Snow View Point is by aerial cable car. Naini Lake, Nainital’s most popular and attractive vacation attraction, is where the funicular collection location is located.

As the streetcar lifts you skyward, the cable car’s glass sides give a stunning perspective of the surrounding landscape and the city. From here, it is a steep trek to the device that is connected to the drop-off point, which is where the Snow View Point is situated.

1. By Road

You may also get there by getting a cab from Mallital towards Snow View Point; which will drop you off there. Therefore, it is more suitable if you are travelling with young children or elderly people.

You may reserve a cab from one of the best vehicle leasing businesses in Nainital for a hassle-free commute.

2. By Train

The Kathgodam Railway Station, which is 35 kilometres away from Mallital Mall Road, is the railroad station closest to Snow View Point. From the train station, you may take a bus or a private cab to Mallital.

You have two options once you get to Mallital Mall Road: either use the ropeway or hire a taxi.

3. By Air

The Pantnagar Airport, which is around 72 kilometres from the Mallital Mall route, is the closest airport. From the airport, use NH 109 to catch a taxi to Mallital.

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Why is Snow View Point famous?

Among the most popular tourist destinations for seeing the gorgeous Himalayas surrounding Nainital is Snow View Point.

The Snow View Point, which is regarded as Nainital’s greatest viewpoint, provides visitors with breathtaking vistas of snow-covered mountains including Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot.

Although Snow View Point can be easily accessible by car, an exciting trip on the aerial gondola from Mallital has always been worthwhile.

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FAQs – Snow View Point in Nainital Travel Guide

1. Is there any entry fee to Snow View Point?

No, there is no entry fee to Snow view point.

2. What is the timing for Snow View Point?

Except for Saturday, every day from 10:30 Am to 5:00 PM of the week, Snow View Point opens.

3. What are the best attractions around Snow View Point?

Nainital Lake, Nainital Zoo, Mall Road, and Naina Devi Temple are some of the tourist attractions near Snow View Point.

4. What is Snow View Point famous for?

Snow View Point is an ideal destination for kids as there are so many stalls for children. Tibetan Monastery is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

5. When does Snow View Point close?

There is a holiday every Saturday. Snow View Point closes at 5:00 PM every day of the week except Saturday.

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