Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Karagandy, Kazakhstan (With Photos)

In this travel guide, you will come to know the top 10 tourist attractions in Karagandy province or near the Karagandy province in Kazakhstan.

Many tourists get confused with its name as some call it Karagandy, some of them call it Karaganda and some call it Qaraghandy, but these are nothing but the variation of the same name. The region lies in the middle of the country which is surrounded by Akmola, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan, Almaty Zhambyl, South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Aktobe, and Kostanay regions.

Kazakhstan has many beautiful sites that need to be explored. Like other regions of Kazakhstan, Karagandy also has some amazing tourist places that every tourist visiting Kazakhstan must experience. These places include camps, lakes, monuments, mountains, Cathedrals, parks, etc. Each site has different vibes, so you should not make mistake by not visiting there.

Without taking much time, let’s explore the top 10 tourist attractions in Karagandy province in Kazakhstan.

Top Tourist Attractions in Karagandy

1. KarLag

Karlag was one of the biggest labour camps in the world, located in the report’s higher levels of Oblast, Kazakh SSR, and USSR. It was founded in 1931, during the period when the bigger USSR and its ethnocultural autonomous regions were settling in isolated places. For all of these specific purposes, low-cost labour was in high demand.


People were apprehended and translocated from the countryside of both the Ural Mountains to something like a massive labour tent in the heart of Kazakhstan that stretched from the Akmola Region to the Chu River. Within a week of WWII, another wave of inmates arrived, this time made up of Soviet former POWs who had been taken prisoner by the Nazis and brought back to the Soviet Union either by the Red Army or by the Red Cross.

2. T-34 Mountain Tank

This same T-26 ground forces tank as well as the BT series of quick storage tanks were the most popular Soviet tank designs in 1939. This same T-26 was a sluggish tank aimed at keeping up with the floor infantry. The BT panzers were hussar tanks, intended for manoeuvrability.

t-34 mountain tank
T-34 Mountain Tank

They were quickly and easily illuminated. Both the T-26 as well as the BT tanks were Soviet adaptations of international models from the early twentieth century; the T-26 was predicated here on the British Vickers 6-Ton, as were the BT armoured vehicles on a layout by an American engineer.

3. Lake Balkhash

Lake Balkhash is one of the most popular lakes in Kazakhstan. There are several tiny ponds inside the lake. Two depressive moods, each 7–11 metres deep, can be situated in the western portion. One runs first from the western shore to Robe Korzhyntubek, while the other runs south first from Gulf Bertys, the “half-way” profoundest part. This same eastern valley has a thick layer of 16 m and an internal diameter of 16 m. 

lake balkhash
Lake Balkhash

The pond’s north and west coasts are steep as well as stony, with trace amounts of antiquity verandas preserved in Paleozoic rock formations such as pyrite, tuff, natural stone, sandstone, and travertine. The southern coasts of the Middle East Karashagan, as well as the Ili Creek, are dry, dusty, and low in elevation.

4. Monument to Agybai Batyr

The tomb of Agybai Batyr has been located on the left financial institution of Sarybulak’s running dry conduit, 69.8 kilometres west of Moiynty tram stop, 47.8 kilometres south-west of Kiikty town, and 14.4 kilometres southwest of Mt. Shunak, 1111 metres, in the Karaganda area’s Shet neighbourhood. It is one of the best places to visit in Karagandy.

monument to agybai batyr
Monument to Agybai Batyr

The Tomb of Agybay Batyr is a nineteenth-century religious movement design and historical memorial. The burial chamber has been built on top of Batyr Agybai’s tomb. Shubyrtpaly Agybai was one of the rulers of the people’s revolutionary rebellion against Russia’s colonial system under the governance of the last Kazakh khan, Kenesary Kasymov.

5. A Monument to Dead Soldiers Who Died During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

The communication failures activists of Grigoriopol proposed an entrepreneurial spirit in 1967 to commemorate the Soviet military soldiers that died during the wars for the town’s emancipation in April 1944.

a monument to dead soldiers who died during the Great patriotic war of 1941-1945
A Monument to Dead Soldiers Who Died During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

The “Grieving Mother” memorial was carved out of black lepidolite in the Zhytomyr area. Alexander Ivanovich is indeed the program’s creator. The memorial was dedicated on May 12, 1969, to commemorate the anniversary of the town of Grigoriopol’s emancipation from Nazi invading forces. This monument is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Karagandy.

6. Bektau-Ata Mountain Area

Bektau Ata Hill, which was previously located in the East, is a most impressive location. literally to “Holy High Mountain” throughout Kazakh. The origins of such a title are based on public legends as well as belief systems that are always understudied. For instance, within a week of visiting this cave, a single parent received their lengthy kid.

bektau-ata mountain area
Bektau-Ata Mountain Area

Again, from the moment of the Silk Route, when one of its branch offices traversed Pond Balkhash, the and alone, noticeable though from a distance of 100 kilometres high point, discolouration in the surrounding grasslands at a flight level of 600 meters, did serve as the guidance for waggons with no safety harness. The hill, known as the “Steppe Lighthouse” of the Northeast Pre-Balkhash, even now serves as a trying to guide beacon.

7. Monument to the Conquerors of Space

The memorial is located in the northern part of Moscow, close to Prospekt Mira, from the outside entrance gate to history’s Showcase of National Economic Accomplishments. The VDNKh(Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnovo Khozyaystva) metro station provides the most convenient access.

monument to the conquerors of space
Monument to the Conquerors of Space

This portion of Moscow has had a large proportion of sights and titles since the 1960s: in addition to the memorial and gallery beneath it, the magnificent “Cosmos” plaza in the Expo Center showcased many artefacts from the Soviet space programme. Many roads in the neighbourhood have been named after the forerunners and participants of the space programme. Pops of Soviet astronauts can be found in Astronauts Laneway, which is located south of the memorial.

8. Monument to Victims of Political Repression

Even though Russians began coming to terms with the horrendous and long-suppressed heritage of suppression and government killing in the 19th century, landmarks for the many billions of people who’d already suffered and died as a direct result of the Soviet government started to appear, even during the Perestroika time frame and then into the nineties.

monument to victims of political repression

This ghostly work by painter Mihail Chemiakine, a key figure of the Stalingrad rebellious artistic community forced to evacuate the Soviet Union in 1971, is one of the biggest and also the most difficult to strike of these. I would highly recommend this one of the best tourist attractions in Karagandy to you to visit.

9. Vvedenskiy Cathedral

The Vvedenskiy Cathedral is built on an elevated cellar, surrounded by an encased photo album and topped by five large 8-the lobate veggie domes facing north, south, and west. The sculpted rows, porticos, glass panels, overhangs, and vibrantly coloured tiles adorn the cathedral’s exteriors, which are all made of white stone.

vvedenskiy cathedral
Vvedenskiy Cathedral

The chapel has retained the six wooden apses. In 1693, the cutting tool G.Ivanov was created based on works of art by the painter S.Narykov.

10. Monument to Mining Glory

The Memorial of Greatness is located in Slavy Plaza in Dara, Russia, and overlooks the Fergana body of water towards the north. It is devoted to the Kuybyshev aviation industry employees who worked tirelessly during and after the Great Northern War. The memorial is one of Samara’s most recognisable symbols.

monument to mining glory
Monument to Mining Glory

The 13 figures, made out of high steel material with wingtips raised and placed above a white noggin and a sixty-pedestal, were designed by Moscow engravers Pavel Bondarenko and Oleg Kiryuhin and interior designer A. Samsonov. The plinth represents a beacon of sunshine ascending into the air.


Hope you enjoyed reading this informative travel guide, didn’t you? These are the top 10 tourist attractions in Karagandy that you should definitely explore. On your trip to Karagandy, you will experience a different culture, witness a different tradition, and explore new places which will ultimately help you to grow personally.

Now, it’s time to wrap up this guide. Before wrapping up this, I would like to wish you “All the Best” for your trip to Karagandy in advance.