7 Best Places to Visit in Rhode Island



7. Cliff Walk, Newport

It has continued to be a public walkway since the heyday of the grand palaces.

6. Roger Williams Park Zoo

It is a prime illustration of contemporary zoo ethics and design,cage-free primarily.

5. WaterFire Providence

In the middle of the river, more than 100 bonfires are lit in substantial iron pans.

4. The Elms, Newport

The Berwinds' summer house was furnished with French antiques and adorned with artworks from Venice.

3. RISD Museum of Art, Providence

It is notable for both the extent of its holdings and the amazing number of them.

2. Marble House, Newport

The home boasts a lavish ballroom covered in gold that was modelled after Versailles' Hall of Mirrors.

1. Rosecliff, Newport

Although the home is no less showy, it is the most habitable of all the mansions.

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