7 Best Places to Visit in South Dakota



7. Mount Rushmore National Monument

The most well-known tourist destination in South Dakota is this historical site.

6. Badlands National Park

It is made up of uniquely shaped hills and pinnacles that were created by the eroding of clay and sand.

5. Custer State Park

The tranquil environment is home to a sizable herd of bison as well as a wide range of other wildlife.

4. Crazy Horse Memorial

Similar to the engravings on nearby Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse have been etched into this peak.

3. Wind Cave National Park

One of the largest karstic cave systems in the world is located there.

2. Mammoth Site

There are a lot of Columbian mammoth remains in it.

1. Deadwood

This nostalgic location is immersed in the illustrious legacy of the Black Hills Gold Rush.

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