7 Best Places to Visit in Wisconsin



7. Oshkosh

It is well-known for both its position on the international airshow circuit and its well-liked range of children's clothes.

6. Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

Its 284-foot-tall dome, which is just three feet shorter than Washington's Capitol building, decorates the structure.

5. The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

The ideal location to learn about the famous motorcycle is also home to more than 450 vintage motorcycles.

4. Circus World Museum

Discovering what a working circus does on a daily basis is a great attraction for children of all ages.

3. The Dells of the Wisconsin River

On the biggest river in the state, there is a breathtaking five-mile gorge.

2. The Great Outdoors: Door County

Due to the many outdoor activities available, it attracts lots of visitors every year.

1. Land O' Lakes

There are more than 200 unspoilt lakes there, all different sizes.

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