Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Oroville, CA


It is 3,300 acres in size and was produced by basalt or old lava flows.


North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

It was constructed in 1863 as a place of worship and prayer for the more than 10,000 Chinese people who lived in the neighborhood at the time. 


Chinese Temple

It is a man-made lake that Oroville Dam built sometime in the late 1960s. 


Lake Oroville Visitor Center

It is a great location for a day of outdoor exploration, whether you go it alone or with family and friends. 


Lake Oroville State Recreation Area

Many species and their habitats are cared for and preserved by this nonprofit organization. 


Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation

It is a popular hike among both residents and tourists. 


Feather Falls Scenic Trail

The Feather River Fish Hatchery, which is situated next to Feather River just below Lake Oroville, is a fantastic place for visitors to spend some time exploring. 


Feather River Fish Hatchery

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