Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Potsdam, NY


During the ice season, it is a well-liked ice skating rink playground in the neighborhood. 


Pine Street Arena

The ambiance of the place is strongly indicative of its underlying values, as many of its visitors have gone on to become devoted patrons and close friends. 


1844 House

The mission of this nonprofit organization is to gather, conserve, research, and display items and materials related to the history of Potsdam and the surrounding environs. 


Potsdam Public Museum

Students, instructors, staff, alumni, and New York residents can explore its collection of visual arts. 


Roland Gibson Art Gallery

Beautiful photos may be taken of the lush green grass, and on very hot days, the huge, tall trees offer a wonderful source of shade.


Lehman Park

It is brand-new and hence state-of-the-art, with lovely scenery and an eccentric design that is both entertaining and frustrating—in a good way, of course!


Swing Time Mini Golf

This club features a full-service bar with entertainment, live music, and friendly people.


Backstreets Nightclub

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