Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Redlands, CA


It is a Redlands amphitheater that was built in the middle of the 1920s and hosts musical and dramatic activities. 


Redlands Bowl

It was built in 1932 to honor Abraham Lincoln's life and his contribution to the Civil War. It is best site to visit for History buffs.


The Lincoln Memorial Shrine

It is a well kept estate featuring a Victorian residence in the French château style set within stunning grounds and gardens. 


Kimberly Crest House & Gardens

The mission of this local museum is to present the natural and cultural heritage of the area through an array of intriguing exhibits and displays. 


San Bernardino County Museum

It holds the greatest collection of American-made glass west of the Rocky Mountains and is dedicated to collecting and preserving exquisite glass art. 


Historical Glass Museum

It is committed to fostering creativity in order to support the visual arts and advance a lively society. 


Redlands Art Association

It is a small, well-established venue that hosts all kind of performances. 


The Redlands Footlighters

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