Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Richmond, CA


Many museums in larger cities are envious of the significant collections held by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

It has a mansion, an arboretum, a number of gardens, a 100-acre park, a kids' petting zoo, and a collection of carriages. 



It is the ideal location to come on a lovely day because there are a surprisingly large number of activities there for both kids and adults. 


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

With extensive collections of items from the Civil War and the Confederate states, it operates as a Museum of the Confederacy beside the Tredegar Iron Works.


White House of the Confederacy

The 1813 Governor's Mansion is also visible in Capitol Square, a sizable park where the capitol is located. 


Virginia State Capitol

You can take a guided tour of the attractions of this church, which is the oldest in the city. 


Church Hill Historic District

The museum's brand-new immersive theater experience, which brings artifacts to life, is a highlight of Richmonds role in the Civil war.


Tredegar Iron Works

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