Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Rome, NY


It is a sports hall of fame with its own museum and is a non-profit organization. 


Rome Sports Hall of Fame

This lovely park is near to Fort Stanwix and is a great location for picnicking, boating, fishing, festivals, and other activities. 


Bellamy Harbor Park

It is a colonial stronghold that was constructed during the French and Indian War to guard the Oneida Carry.


Fort Stanwix National Monument

This location is a well-liked vacation spot because of the forested surroundings, hiking and nature paths, fishing opportunities, boat launch, and picnic areas. 


Delta Lake State Park

The Capitol Theatre, which was built to screen motion pictures, has enthralled audiences with live performances and movie theaters. 


Capitol Theatre

Given that this location doubles as a library and research center, the resources available here are endless.


Jervis Public Library

If you're in Rome, you must visit this antique petrol station, which has been meticulously rebuilt and is now a museum.


Sears Oil Museum

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