Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Santa Monica, CA


It is both the coastal end of historic Route 66 and a well-known municipal landmark. 


Santa Monica Pier

Over 3.5 miles of it extend on either side of the famous Santa Monica Pier. 


Santa Monica State Beach

One of the most well-liked activities when visiting is navigating this sandy area. 


Marvin Braude Bike Trail

It offers a well maintained area with continuous ocean views and looks out into the Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica State Beach. 


Palisades Park

There is a lot of foot activity and plenty of entertainment in this shopping area that is only accessible by foot. 


3rd Street Promenade

Once upon a time, the actress Marion Davies owned the vast public beach facility that is now there. 


Annenberg Community Beach House

In spite of the weather, it offers four separate farmers markets every day of the week.


Santa Monica Farmers Market

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