Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Santa Rosa, CA


This nonprofit organization, which is located ten minutes' drive north of Santa Rosa's downtown, provides a rare chance to experience an African safari. 


Safari West

It serves as the main gathering place in downtown Santa Rosa and hosts a variety of events thanks to recent renovations.


Old Courthouse Square

The foundation of this nonprofit museum and research facility is the comic strip Peanuts, which has been around for 50 years. 


Charles M. Schulz Museum

There are several warm-weather activities available, and the 72-acre reservoir that serves as its focal point. 


Spring Lake Regional Park

It provides a free, enjoyable activity every day of the week, including access to Burbank's historic greenhouse and a special cactus garden. 


Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

On the western edge of Santa Rosa's central business center is the "Old Town" neighborhood, which offers quaint downtown shops, restaurants, and lodging. 


Railroad Square Historic District

The park is a well-liked family area on the east side of the city.


Howarth Park

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