Bheloghat Waterfall Assam – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Bheloghat Waterfall, Assam. Here, you will find travel information like how to reach, things to do, best time to visit, nearby attractions, tips, facts, etc that will make your trip easier.

Bheloghat Waterfall Assam Overview

LocationNear Dokmoka, Karbi Anglong district, Assam
Entry FeeN/A
Opening Hours24 Hours
Best Time to VisitOct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb
Nearest TownDokmoka (18 km)
Nearest Railway StationDiphu Railway Station (121 km)
Nearest AirportDimapur Airport (129 km)
Famous ForHiking, Adventure, Sightseeing
Nearby AttractionsVirvar Waterfall,

Bheloghat Waterfall is one of amazing waterfalls which is located in the Karbi Anglong district in the state of  Assam. The nearest town to the waterfall is situated at 8 0km called Nagaon.

You and your friends will be mesmerized by the location’s natural splendor. For hikers and adventurers who enjoy exploring new locations and discovering undiscovered treasures, it is a fantastic location.

Most visitors to this location have praised it as being magnificent and have expressed their enthusiasm for the waterfall’s beauty.

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Interesting Facts about Bheloghat Waterfall

  • The waterfall, which is situated near Belurghat in Karbi Anglong, Assam, is also referred to as Pak’longkam or Bheloghat waterfall.
  •  It is reputed to be Karbi Anglong’s biggest waterfall. 
  • The fact that this waterfall falls continuously throughout the year is its outstanding feature.
  •  As a result, any season of the year is suitable for visiting this waterfall. 
  • Below the waterfall, there is a picnic area as well. 
  • The village residents take excellent care of the entire environment. 
  • Despite the current crowds and tourist rush, it is found to be really clean. 
  • You should absolutely include a brief weekend visit to this stunning location on your bucket list.
  •  If you don’t want to be surrounded by people, avoid coming here on the weekends.

Things to do at Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam

Bheloghat Waterfall

1. Hiking

Bheloghat Waterfall can only be reached on foot or by a rough, winding dirt road, so getting there is an experience in and of itself. The hike to the waterfall takes time to cover.

The well-marked, manageable track winds through a thick forest of tall trees, ferns, and wildflowers.

2. Relaxation 

A sensation of relaxation and renewal is brought on by the quiet surroundings and clean mountain air.

The sounds of the waterfall gets louder and louder as the trail meanders through the forest, eventually bringing the stunning waterfall’s sight into view.

3. Sightseeing

With glittering water gushing over the cliffs and down into the clean pool below, the waterfall is certainly a sight to behold.

4. Swimming

On a hot day, the water is the ideal temperature for a pleasant dip because it is extremely cold and perfectly clear.

The deep lake at the bottom of the waterfalls is encircled by luxuriant greenery, creating a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.

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How to Reach Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam

Bheloghat Waterfalls

1. By Road

The nearest town is Dokmoka which is around 177 km from Guwahati. The waterfall is only 18 km from Dokmoka town. There are various options you will find in the town by which you can get to Bheloghat Waterfalls.

2. By Rail

Several locations in the district are served by the N. F. Railway lines, including Diphu (100 km), Dhansiri Junction (121 km), and Rangapahar (130 km), among others. You can reach the waterfall from these places by cabs or taxis. 

3. By Air

This area does not have an airport. The Dimapur Airport, which is 129 kilometers from this waterfall, is the one that is nearest to it. There is roughly 212 kilometers between the airport and Guwahati. 

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Tourist Places near Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam

Bheloghat falls

1. Virvar Waterfall

The waterfall is enormous and has a breathtaking vista and ethereal beauty that will take your breath away. Additionally, if you want to spend time in the greatest calm, you should not miss this waterfall. The heavens seem to be showering you with blessings as you enter ecstasy.

2. Hurnatpi waterfalls

This waterfall is 35 km from the Bheloghat waterfalls. Your travel will be more refreshing because of the fresh air and water drops on your face. This area is notable due to the lush vegetation that surrounds the lake.

The waterfall sincerely appreciates the splendor of the outdoors and the creatures. Additionally, the area near the waterfall is a well-known picnic location for both children and adults.

3. Manduli Lake

This lake is located in the Hojai district of Assam. This lake is covered by lush greenery. It offers a beautiful sight of the greenery surrounding it. One can relax near the lake, take pictures and enjoy a quick picnic.

4. Kasochan waterfalls

It is distinctive since the surroundings are rich in wildlife. A soothing ambiance is created by the shimmering water and the misty weather.

For those who enjoy animals, there is also a wide variety of flora and fauna. The waterfall offers the most information about the local animals.

Best Time to Visit Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam 

From late October to early February is the ideal time to visit the waterfall. Assam’s winter season begins during this time, with temperatures typically ranging from 10°C to 24°C. The evenings can get chilly, while the days are sunny but cool.

Travel Tips

  • Intoxicating the waterfall zone strongly prohibits the use of narcotics. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to cook or eat in the waterfall zone. 
  • Garbage throwing is absolutely forbidden. 
  • The waterfall zone is a totally banned area for swimming and fishing. 
  • It is forbidden to take or pluck any natural beauty in the waterfalls zone. 
  • At the waterfall zone, using explosives is strictly banned. 
  • You must pay Rs. 20 per person to visit the picnic area (The Ground), and you must pay a parking fee that varies depending on the type of car you have.


Bheloghat Waterfall is a significant cultural and spiritual monument for the locals in addition to its natural beauty. The waterfall is a spiritual location and is thought to have healing properties. You should definitely pay a visit here with your near and dear ones. 

Pack your bags, travel to this magnificent location in the wilderness, and discover inner serenity there.

FAQs on Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam

1. Where is Bheloghat Waterfall situated?

It is located in 18 km away from the Dokmoka town in Karbi Anglong district in the state of Assam.

2. What is the best time to visit Bheloghat Waterfall?

The months of October to February are the best time to visit the waterfalls.

3. What are the nearby tourist attractions to Bheloghat  Waterfalls?

Virvar Waterfall, Hurnatpi waterfalls, Manduli Lake, and Kasochan waterfalls are some of the tourist attractions near to Bheloghat Waterfalls.

4. What is the distance between Dispur and Bheloghat Waterfall?

The distance is approximately 190 km which takes 3 hr 50 mins from Dispur to the waterfall.

Map of Bheloghat Waterfalls Assam