Kethanahalli Falls Chikkaballapur – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Kethanahalli Falls, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, map, etc useful information.

Kethanahalli Falls Chikkaballapur Overview

LocationKethanahalli village, Chikkballapur, Karnataka
Entry FeeFree
Opening Hours24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMonsoon Season (Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct)
Nearest TownChikkballapur (13 km)
Nearest Railway StationChikkballapur Railway Station (14 km)
Nearest AirportBangalore Airport (48 km)
Famous ForTrekking, Adventure, Picnic
Nearby AttractionsPapagni Matha, Dandiganahalli Dam, Minakanagurki Park, etc.

Kethanahalli fall is a stunning waterfall located in the Kethanahalli hamlet in the Chikkballapur division of Karnataka, 17 kilometres from Chikkaballapur and 78 kilometres from Bangalore. Chikkballapur’s magnificent cascade, also known as Vivekananda Falls, is a well-known tourist destination close to Bangalore.

During the rainy season, it roars as it falls down the cliffs. From a distance, one can hear the noise of water breaking through the rather silent woodland. The waterfall is encircled by a magnificent haze during the rainy season, which heightens the falls’ magnificence.

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Interesting Facts about Kethanahalli Falls Chikkaballapur

  1. If you try to reach the waterfall using Google Maps, you might get lost, so it is better to reach Kethanahalli village, and from there you can ask the villagers for directions.
  2. The Kethanahalli waterfall is a seasonal waterfall.
  3. The waterfall is quite near Bengaluru, due to which it is a great picnic spot for people living in the city.
  4. The place is adventurous, and people love to trek along the path of a waterfall.
  5. The Kethanahalli waterfall is also known as the Vivekananda waterfall.

Things to do at Kethanahalli Waterfalls

Kethanahalli Falls

1. Trekking

The hike to the waterfall is breathtaking. One has to trek for around 1–2 hours to reach the waterfall. If you are travelling the distance on a two-wheeler, you can cover 1 and a half kilometres with the vehicle.

You can find various streams of water on the path while trekking and the woods around the fall are so amazing. You may be able to see a variety of wildlife and enjoy the overall experience.

2. Picnic

Going on a picnic is one of the enjoyable activities people engage in when visiting a waterfall. Many families that come here carry their own meals and eat their lunches while admiring the magnificent surroundings because there are no conveniences nearby.

3. Exploring Nature

Discovering and experiencing the wonders of nature will be pleasurable for you if you like being outside. You will have a greater understanding of both yourself and the universe as a result of examining your surroundings. The calm environment encourages focus and the identification of your true self.

4. Bathing

After a strenuous day of walking and touring, the next fun pastime is having a soothing soak at the waterfall. Take a bath in the reservoirs, which gather more water from a higher stage, as well as the showering waters that are close to the waterfall.

Because of the cool, relaxing water, locals who live nearby the waterfall regularly gather here on vacation to go swimming.

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How to Reach Kethanahalli Waterfalls

way to Kethanahalli Falls

1. By Road

The near town to the waterfall, Chikkballapur is well connected to major cities of the state; all you need to do is book a cab or bus to Chikkballapur and reach there.

To get to the waterfall from Chikkballapur, you must rely on the assistance of locals as Google Maps can be a little bit confusing.

2. By Train

The nearest train station near the waterfall is Chikkballapur; all you need to do is book a ticket to Chikkballapur, and outside the station, you can find various transportation facilities.

3. By Air

Bangalore Airport is the nearest to the Kethanahalli Waterfall. After reaching the airport, one can find various transportation facilities to reach the city.

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Tourist Attractions around Kethanahalli Falls

Kethanahalli Waterfalls

1. Papagni Matha (16 km)

The Papagni Mutt (Matha), one of Karnataka’s earliest and most historic temples, is situated on the Skandagiri Mountains.

This mutt is regarded as one of the most unique of its type since it is said that worshippers may feel the waves of devotion when they are inside the mandir grounds. Every other Saturday, special pujas are conducted.

2. Dandiganahalli Dam (29 km)

The Dandiganahalli Dam is ideal for a quick excursion. Come by and practise your selfies and shooting abilities. You may go on a hike around the local hills, and the area is wonderful for observing multicoloured birds.

There isn’t much around these, so you’ll need to bring your own meals and drinks. There is no one to pick up after you if you carry a packed lunch, so be careful not to litter.

3. Minakanagurki Park (20 km)

In the Chikkballapur District of Karnataka, India, the hamlet of Minakanagurki is located in the Gauribidanur Taluk. It is situated 18 kilometres north of Chikkballapur, the district capital. The park is developed very beautifully keeping tourism in mind.

Best Time to Visit Kethanahalli Waterfalls

The best time to visit the Kethanahalli waterfall is during the monsoon season. The waterfall is a seasonal waterfall, due to which one cannot find a stream of water throughout the year. If you visit the waterfall in the winter or summer, you might be disappointed.

During monsoons, the waterfall looks amazing, and the view is breathtaking. The path towards the waterfall is even more amazing, and people love visiting the waterfall for the same reason.

Travel Tips

  1. Since there is just one store along the road, it is best to have ample water sources.
  2. Don’t leave the area dirty.
  3. Avoid relying only on Google Maps.
  4. As you will be covering a trekking path, you must wear shoes with good traction.


The Kethanahalli waterfall, also known as Vivekananda waterfall, is one of the most amazing places one can ever visit. The scenic view around the waterfall will make you fall in love with it. People living near the falls often visit here to enjoy their weekends.

FAQs on Kethanahalli Waterfalls Chikkaballapur

1. Where is Kethanahalli Waterfall situated?

The Kethanahalli waterfall is situated in Kethanahalli village in Chikkballapur district, Karnataka.

2. What is the best time to visit Kethanahalli Waterfalls?

The best time to visit the Kethanahalli waterfall is during the rainy season, as it is a seasonal waterfall.

3. What is the distance between Chikkballapur and the Kethanahalli Waterfalls?

The distance between Chikkballapur and Kethanahalli Waterfall is around 13 km, which might take around half an hour to reach the waterfall.

4. What are the attractions near Kethanahalli Waterfalls?

There are several attractions near Kethanahalli waterfall that you can visit, such as Papagni Matha, Dandiganahalli Dam, Minakanagurki Park, Jakkalamadagu Dam, and Srinivasa Sagara, etc.

Map of Kethanahalli Waterfalls Chikkaballapur