Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri. In this guide, you will get to know about the location, things to do, best time to visit, how to reach, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, etc useful information about this waterfall.

Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri Overview

LocationNear Mohana, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
Entry FeeFree
Opening Hours24 Hours
Best Time to VisitNov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr
Nearest TownShivpuri (30 km)
Nearest Railway StationShivpuri Railway Station (30 km)
Nearest AirportGwalior Airport (122 km)
Famous ForTrekking, Picnic, Exploring Nature
Nearby AttractionsNarwar Castle Fort, Bhoora Khon Waterfall, Madhav National Park, Survaya Ki Garhi, etc.

Sultangarh Waterfall is one of the stunning waterfalls which is located near Shivpuri. Shivpuri and Sultan Garh Falls are 30 kilometers apart. It is a spotless waterfall in the midst of a lovely setting surrounded by natural beauty.

Shivpuri’s hills and surroundings produce lovely waterfalls that appear appropriate for a spa-like atmosphere. The stream Parvati flows through the terrain and through the mountains, creating the tranquil and calming view that comprises the Sultan Garh cascade.

The ideal season to see Sultan Garh Falls is during rainstorms. With the rise in rainfall, the river Parvati expands, making the stunning waterfall that cascades down the sheer granite face even more impressive.

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Interesting Facts about Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri

  1. The waterfall rises 25 meters above the ground.
  2. The area offers a lovely ecological setting.
  3. Everyone can reach the location because it is very close to the city.
  4. Weekends are a popular time for people to visit this location.
  5. A barbecue with friends is a terrific idea by the waterfall.

Things to do at Sultangarh Waterfalls Shivpuri

Sultangarh Waterfall

1. Trekking

Trekking is the most pleasurable thing that tourists do when visiting waterfalls. Considering the path’s small size and concealed placement inside the trees, it is difficult to access Sultangarh Cascade. The complete trail is hiked by numerous visitors to the waterfalls.

2. Picnic

Taking a picnic when seeing a cascade is one of the fun activities that individuals do. Many people that visit this place bring food for themselves, and they have lunch while admiring the lovely surroundings of this place. It’s possible to find a friend group here that gets together to enjoy the scenery.

3. Exploring Nature

If you are a nature enthusiast, then exploring nature at a waterfall will surely be a fun activity for you. Numerous chances for exploration are offered by nature.

When children interact with environmental habitats, they can experiment with concepts and learn by doing. Children naturally ponder, inquire, and form theories, which fosters the development of curious minds.

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How to Reach Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri

Sultangarh Waterfalls

1. By Road

From Bhopal, one must travel along NH 46 to get to the waterfall. NH 32 is the road that passes the waterfall the closest. It takes around 7 hours to go to the Bhoora Khon Cascade.

2. By Train

Shivpuri Railway Station is the one closest to the Sultangarh waterfall which is 30 km away from the waterfall. You only need to buy a ticket to the station, and from there, you can choose from a number of transportation options to go to the waterfall.

3. By Air

Gwalior Airport is the closest airport to the Sultangarh Waterfall. It is around 122 km from the location of the waterfalls. After reaching the airport, you can get a number of transit options to get to the waterfall.

Tourist attractions near Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri

Sultangarh falls

1. Narwar Castle Fort

The Narwar Castle, located just east of the Kali Sindh stream, is a reminder of India’s glorious history.

The fort is a splendid relic of the royal limits and the almost continual warfare for territorial extensions, located 42 kilometers outside of Shivpuri. The settlement, which was once called Nalapura until the 12th century, is significant historically.

2. Bhoora Khon Waterfall

The Bhoora Khon cascade in Shivpuri, which is next to the Madhav Sagar Lake, has a lovely natural setting. Although it is small, this waterfall is stunning and lovely to the eye. The waterfall blends beauty and devotion because it includes a vintage Lord Shiva sculpture at its waterfall.

3. Madhav National Park

In the Shivpuri area of MP, Central Provinces, the once-famous hunting grounds of the Mughal dynasty and Maratha royals have been transformed into the magnificent nature preserve known as Madhav Nature Reserve.

This rich patch of jungle, which spans an area of 354 square kilometers, provides breathtaking vistas of the lush foliage and historical marvels that the former kings of Gwalior erected.

Madhav Nature Reserve captivates visitors with its distinctive settings, which include lakes, thick forests, and fortresses.

4. Survaya Ki Garhi

Shivpuri is only about 25 kilometers away from Survaya ki Garhi. It was built around the 10th century for religious teaching and is highly known for its literary and historical worth.

The Garhi of Survaya contains three shrines as well as a monastery. Survaya ki Garhi’s whole construction is built of pebbles that have been skillfully placed one on top of the other.

The Garhi is surely a sight to witness, despite the beautiful workmanship and design of this place.

5. Chhatri

One of the famous buildings that shows a strong mix of both Mughal and Hindu traditions is the Chhatri. It is placed in a typical Mughal garden because it was constructed during the Scindias’ rule.

The imperial tombs of the Scindia family are situated in a Mughal garden on the rear due to the extent of Hindu and Islamic blending.

Travel Tips

  1. Carry an umbrella with you, as it might rain when you visit the waterfall.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes so that you do not need to worry about walking.
  3. Wear cotton clothes to be cool while visiting the place.
  4. Carry binoculars so that you can see things from a distance.
  5. Always keep a first aid kit for emergencies.


People travel with their families and friends to see the magnificent Sultangarh Cascade. When viewing the waterfall, one may feel as if they are a part of the natural world. The location is captivating, and in my view, you should definitely go there.

FAQs on Sultangarh Waterfall Shivpuri

1. Where is Sultangarh Waterfall situated?

The beautiful waterfall is situated in the middle of India, in Madhya Pradesh. The place is situated around 8 km away from Mohana, near a small town known as Ummedgarh.

2. What is the best time to visit Sultangarh Waterfall?

The best time to visit the waterfall is from November to April, and the climate of the waterfall is mostly cool throughout the year. The Sultan Garh Falls encounter may be incredibly calming and revitalizing for the guest. It is the ideal weekend getaway for the locals.

3. What is the distance between Bhopal and the Sultangarh Waterfall?

The Sultangarh Waterfall is situated at a distance of 375.3 km from the capital of the state, which is Bhopal. The time taken to reach the waterfall is around 7 hours.

4. What are the tourist attractions near Sultangarh Waterfall?

There are several tourist attractions near Sultangarh Waterfalls, such as Madhav Vilas Palace, Chhatris, Panihar Narwar Fort, Pawa Waterfalls, Madhav National Park, and many more.

Map of Sultangarh Waterfalls Shivpuri