Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi – Things to Know Before Visiting (2023)

This is a complete travel guide to Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi, Jharkhand. In this guide, we’ve mentioned location, things to do, how to reach, best time to visit, nearby attractions, travel tips, facts, etc useful information.

Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi Overview

LocationRanchi, Jharkhand
Entry FeeN/A
Opening Hour24 Hours
Best Time to VisitMar, Apr, May, Jun
Nearest TownRanchi (45 km)
Nearest Railway StationRanchi Railway Station (40 km)
Nearest AirportBirsa Munda Airport (47 km)
Famous ForTrekking, Photography, Adventure
Nearby AttractionsJonha Waterfalls, Tagore Hill, Dassam Falls, Patratu Dam, etc.

One of Jharkhand’s most well-liked tourist spots is Hundru Falls which is located in Ranchi District. The main city of Ranchi is located at a distance of around 45 Km from Hundru Falls.

Visitors to the city always ensure themselves and their mates stop at the falls on the Ranchi-Purulia Road when they are there. The Subarnarekha River, which flows through Ranchi, falls from a height of 320 feet to produce the state’s tallest waterfall, the Hundru Falls.

There is a pool at the base of the Hundru Waterfall that is used for picnics and as a location to take a bath. People have always been drawn to the amazing sight of water falling dramatically from a great height.

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Interesting Facts about Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi

  • The many rock formations created by the erosion caused by the continual waterfall have enhanced the attractiveness of the area.
  • There is a pool at the base of the Hundru Waterfall that is used for picnics and as a location to take a bath.
  • The picturesque beauty of these falls greatly attracts visitors and provides them with an unforgettable and special experience. 
  • For tourists who like the expansive scenery of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, Hundru Falls Ranchi is indeed a delight.
  • The Hundru Falls, one of the area’s most well-known hiking locations, attracts adventure seekers as well.

Things to do at Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi

Hundru Waterfall

1. Stress Relieving

The calming and soothing sounds of the Hundru Falls will help you get rid of the stress and anxiety that you get at work and from other things.

2. Trekking

You can be a traveler as well as a fitness freak as Hundru Falls is a perfect destination for both. You can trek here amidst forests and waterfalls and enjoy your time at the best. 

3. Photography

The natural and scenic views produced by the waterfall and its beautiful surroundings will ignite your zeal and passion for photography. Not only you but your camera and your Instagram feed will love it as well.  

How to Reach Hundru Waterfalls

Hundru falls

1. By Road

Hundru Falls is off the Ranchi-Purulia Road. In order to reach the falls by road, one can take a bus from Ranchi Bus Stop in Sarhul Nagar, from where the Hundru Falls is at a distance of around 41 Km. 

2. By Rail

Reaching the falls by rail is very easy as the nearest railway station is the Ranchi Railway Station located at a distance of 40 Km from the falls. You can reach the station via rail and then take a road route towards the falls. 

3. By Air

In order to reach the falls via air, you need to land at the nearest airport which is the Birsa Munda Airport. It is situated at a distance of 47 Km from the Hundru Falls. From the airport, you can opt for any transport to reach the falls.

Tourist Places near Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi

Hundru Waterfalls

1. Jonha Waterfalls

In the Ranchi area of the Indian state of Jharkhand, there is a stunning waterfall called the Jonha Falls. The waterfall, which is an illustration of a hanging valley fall, is located near the edge of the Ranchi plateau.

43-meter-high waterfalls provide a beautiful scene. The waterfall was created by combining the Gunga and Raru rivers. One must descend 722 stairs in order to have a breathtaking perspective of the surroundings. In the town, the waterfall is a well-liked tourist destination.

2. Tagore Hill

The picturesque area in Morabadi is Tagore Hill. One of the most stunning sights to behold is the dawn and sunset as seen from the hilltop. But before Tagore Hill became a gathering spot, it was first a rest home and then the ashram of Rabindra Nath’s older brother, Jyotindra Nath.

3. Dassam Falls

The waterfall known as Dassam Falls is situated close to Taimara Village in the Ranchi District of the Indian State of Jharkhand’s Bundu Police Station. 

4. Patratu Dam

The major draw of Patratu is the dam, which was built to hold water from the Nalkari River. By sitting along the Dam’s coast around sunrise, one may observe flying fish.

Few people are aware that a tunnel connecting the Patratu villages of Labga and Hariharpur is located underneath the dam. It is now blocked to all visitors for security concerns. Beginning on the dam on January 14, 2010, boating has begun.

5. Garga Dam

The dam site features a beautiful green setting and a large number of marine life. This common location is the setting for various school field trips and unplanned visits.

This dam plays a crucial role in meeting the water needs of the nearby steel factory and homes as well. One of the most well-known architectural treasures in the area is Jharkhand.

6. Murguma Dam

The massive dam of Murguma is in the center of the Purulia district. The Kangsabati River tributary is where the dam is located. Murguma is a lovely destination to spend the weekend. From here, one may see Ajodhya Hill’s stunning natural beauty.

Best Time to Visit Hundru Waterfalls

In Ranchi, Hundru Falls is a well-known summertime picnic location. Therefore, it is best to go on this trip during the summer. Here, summer begins in March and lasts until June.

People traveling for enjoyment and serenity must avoid the weekends since they are quite busy. Additionally, among the locals, Hundru Falls is the most alluring location.

Travel Tips

  • Take an additional pair of clothes along as the ones you are wearing might get drenched. 
  • Wear slippers and footwear that are supportive of wet surfaces.
  • Take precautionary measures against illness, cold, and particularly slipping near the waterfall. 
  • Maintain a safe distance from deep water as it might turn out to be very dangerous.
  • Children and senior citizens should be taken special care of and should stay at a reasonable distance from the water. 


Hundru falls located in Ranchi is a beautiful destination with mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise. The views at this location will definitely make you spellbound. Therefore, this is a destination that you should at least visit once in your lifetime. 

FAQs on Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi

1. Where is Hundra Falls situated?

Hundra falls is situated at a distance of 45 km from Ranchi in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

2. What is the best time to visit Hundra Falls?

The best time to visit Hundra Falls is from March to June.

3. What are the nearby tourist sites to Hundra Falls?

The nearby tourist sites to Hundra Falls are Jonha Falls, Tagore Hills, Dassam Falls, Patratu Dam, Garga Dam, and Murguma Dam.

4. What is the distance between Ranchi and Hundra Falls?

The distance between Ranchi and Hundra Falls is around 45 Km.

Map of Hundru Waterfalls Ranchi