10 Best Things to Do in Stockton, California (2023)

Are you planning to visit Stockton? Here, we’ve mentioned the 10 best things to do in Stockton, California that will definitely make your trip more interesting and enjoyable.

Stockton is located in San Joaquin County in California’s central valley. It is the largest city in the county, which is beautiful and has various cultural and historical attractions.

The city is surrounded by various water bodies, which even enhance the beauty of the city. There are various events conducted in the city throughout the year that are embraced by the citizens of the city.

If you love shopping, you will love this place as there are shopping malls adjacent to each other, providing a variety of things.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Stockton to make the most of your trip to Stockton.

Best Things to Do in Stockton

1. Exploring the history of Stockton in Haggin Museum

 Stockton in Haggin Museum

Exploring the history of Stockton in the Haggin Museum is one of the best things to do in Stockton. The Haggin Museum is well-known for its local history and arts, and it is one of the city’s most popular Victory Parks.

The museum was established in 1928, but public visits started in 1931. The galleries are filled with historical artworks by famous artists such as J. C. Leyendecker and Albert Bierstadt. 

One must definitely visit the museum if one is into history or the arts.

  • Location – 1201 N Pershing Ave., Stockton, CA 95203.
  • Timing Hours – 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Famous For – Historical artwork.

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2. Bob Hope Theatre

Bob Hope Theatre

Visiting Bob Hope Theatre is the next excellent thing to do in Stockton for you. The Hope Theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the best place to see the city’s beat art.

You can visit the theatre, which will walk you through this beautiful feat of architecture. The events and ambience of the place will take your breath away.

  • Location – 242 E Main St, Stockton, CA 95202.
  • Timing Hours – N/A
  • Famous For – Beautiful Architecture

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3. Banner Island Ballpark

Banner Island Ballpark

The Banner Island Ballpark is situated at the centre of the city, beside a waterfront and various other popular sites.

The original title given to this park was Stockton Ballpark, but the natives usually call it Banner Island Ballpark.

The place was established in 2005 and has a capacity of over 5000 individuals. The park also consists of clubs, luxurious suites, and 2 picnic spots.

  • Location – 404 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA 95203, US.
  • Timing Hours – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Except Saturday and Sunday)
  • Famous For – Various Gaming Events.

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4. Children’s Museum of Stockton

Children’s Museum of Stockton

The Children’s Museum is a non-profit organisation that was established around the 1990s. Janet Geng founded the facility after her teacher was injured in 1989 during shootings at Cleveland School.

The main idea behind this place was to create a safe place for children and their families where they could come and learn something without any fear.

The place conducts over 40 interactive exhibitions on a daily basis. Visiting there with kids is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Stockton.

  • Location – 402 W Weber Ave, Stockton, CA 95203, US.
  • Timing Hours – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Famous For – Informative exhibitions.

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5. Pixie Woods

Pixie Woods

Pixie Woods’ enchanting woodland and enchanted paths are ideal for youngsters of every age and will transport you to a fantastical realm that is worlds away from realism.

You will be converted into a world where play and creativity are the dominant forces as soon as you pass through the multicoloured gates.

Make sure to visit while you’re in Stockton since kids adore the small activities.

  • Location – 3121 Monte Diablo Ave, Stockton, CA 95203.
  • Timing Hours – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Famous For – Kids Activities

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6. Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple

Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple

The Wat Dhammarraram Buddhist Temple was established in 1982 by Cambodian refugees. The temple was erected because they needed a place to keep their culture safe as they rebuilt their lives and assimilated into American civilization.

The Temple has been providing programmes, ceremonies, and other activities for the Cambodian population located in and surrounding Stockton ever since it was founded.

  • Location – 3732 Carpenter Rd, Stockton CA 
  • Timing Hours – 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Famous For – Programmes and Ceremonies.

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7. The Fruit Bowl

The Fruit Bowl

The Fruit Bowl has provided fresh fruits and vegetables to the citizens since 1947. It all started when Frank and Ina Lucchetti started placing a table on the edge of their ranch. 

People can taste the fruits from a bowl, so the place got its name, “The Fruit Bowl.”

With numerous of their buddies contributing fruits from various orchards for a combined industry experience, the company flourished enormously over the years.

  • Location – 8767 Waterloo Rd, Stockton, CA 95215, US.
  • Timing Hours – 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Famous For – Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.

8. Stockton Certified Farmer’s Market

Stockton Certified Farmer’s Marke

The market was founded in 1979 to provide the best quality farm products to the citizens of the city.

For a few hours on Saturday mornings, a dozen merchants set up shop beneath the Downtown Highway so that the community could easily obtain fresh products and vegetables straight from the supplier.

  • Location – 2707 E Fremont St #9, Stockton, CA 95205.
  • Timing Hours – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • Famous For – Best Quality Farm Products.

9. Little Manila

 Little Manila

The Little Manila area has been predominantly inhabited by Filipino Americans since the 1930s.

At first, the Filipinos came here for agricultural jobs, but after that, this place became their home.

Due to racist laws at the time, these people were not allowed to further their education, improve their financial situation, or possibly enter Main Street.

  • Location – 2154 S San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA 95206 US.
  • Timing Hours – 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Famous For – Various workshops.

10. Miracle Mile

 Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile is located along Pacific Avenue between Alpine and Harding and along Harding Way between El Dorado Street and Lincoln Street.

The protected area was created in 2007 as a result of the business proprietors and residents of those streets taking the decision to enhance the region’s aesthetics, cleanliness, protection, and commercial development.

  • Location – 200 W Harding Way, Stockton, CA 95204
  • Timing Hours – 24 Hours
  • Famous For – Entertainment Hub

Conclusion – Best Things to Do in Stockton

The things mentioned above are the best things to do in Stockton. The city of Stockton is so beautiful, and you can find various historical and artistic sites in the city. One must definitely visit the city once in their life.

FAQs – Best Things to Do in Stockton

1. What are the most popular tourist attractions in Stockton?

There are several popular tourist attractions in Stockton, such as the Haggin Museum, Miracle Mile, Little Manila, the Stockton Certified Farmer’s Market and Bob Hope Theatre.

2. What is the best time to visit Stockton?

The months of September and October are ideal for visiting Stockton.

3. What are the best restaurants in Stockton?

There are several restaurants in Stockton, such as Market Tavern, Midgley’s Public House, Mezzo, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, etc.

4. What are the best accommodation options in Stockton?

There are several hotels in Stockton, such as the Hilton Stockton, University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, Best Western Plus Heritage Inn, Courtyard by Marriott Stockton, etc.